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An SEO REVIEW could be the right starting point

There are several good reasons to seek an SEO review:

1. Many of our clients begin their journey towards web success by admitting defeat and looking for a review to tell them what is missing and maybe give them a hint or two. Unfortunately, no online automated review can do this job adequately because there are simply too many key factors and not all can be accessed via the internet as needed. That is why we adjusted our offering to add an element of Professional oversite and commentary from a human expert. This has the disadvantage of slowing down the response from minutes to occasionally a day, but it does mean that you get your hands on something a little more useful. It is nevertheless a free report and as such, it comes with all the caveats of a free anything. However much pride we take in our work, even the free stuff, we are a private organization with salaries to pay and we can only invest so much time in each free report. I would also hasten to add that we don’t begin a campaign of spamming our inquiries to sleep. We don’t enjoy it when it happens to us and we won’t subject you to this sort of treatment either.

  1. Often businesses become disenchanted with the performance of an SEO supplier and the earliest moves are to seek reviews from elsewhere and hopefully get an indication of whether what is being done with their investment is the right thing and that the low return is simply to be expected. Often times they are justified in their suspicions and this doubt has come about as a result of seeing others in the industry achieving much more, but sometimes it really is nothing more than a slight delay as a result of doing things the right way. We know about this because many of our current clients did this and later engaged us to help them achieve what they really wanted. Once again, I would caution against relying on an automated report for this sort of purpose, Marketing and SEO are not so easily understood and analyzed and much of the necessary information will not be available either to the system or the peer reviewer. I would strongly recommend that you level with your consultant and tell him of your concerns and your goals. At the very least (s)he can save you making a big mistake. Unfortunately, such a question can usually only be answered after a few hours at least of consultation and analysis by a senior person and any agency would be forced to charge for his/her time, but I assure you, this is better than making another mistake to confound your perceived first error.
    It is not uncommon in my personal experience to spend several weeks examining a largeish site before having sufficient information to give an on-page and general report and I have been forced to spend three months at a large University, getting to the bottom of information architecture and the conflicting interests of different stakeholding groups before I could tentatively present the first draft of a proposal and then spend weeks negotiating and refining that before everyone involved was happy to proceed.
    Even if you a few dozen pages and a less complicated set of products, it is still possible to spend several days analysing and off-page and reconciling that with your stated goals before a clear picture emerges of the best way forward.
    For this reason, I would advise allowing a consultant enough time to get a safe rule-of-thumb opinion before discussing things and having absorbed that decide whether and how to move forward to the next steps or not.
    if you are simply seeking some oversight of an existing agency or individual, this can be carried out discreetly or it can be done in an open way. A confident employee or agency will welcome the opportunity to explain their actions and strategies and to clear up any doubts, therefore allowing them to move forward confidently. On the other hand if things are going wrong, then the sooner you know about this the better.
  2. Many small and even fairly large businesses are struggling along with a DIY approach either with a single, perhaps not overly skilled SEO person or someone from IT or form Marketing doubling as an SEO or even with a Digital team who are competent but lack the cutting edge strategic capability In this situation the report will certainly give a good indication of any issues and initial fixes required, but ideally the better approach would be to tell the consultant about your problems and discuss an arrangement whereby (s)he could help you get a strategy and plan right and support you with the bits you are not comfortable doing.
    Dealing with a genuine outsourcing partner has many advantages in terms of breadth of experience, up to date knowledge and availability of specialists in different areas, but by far the biggest advantage is the flexibility to support your own staff ad even develop them by simply picking up the slack, sharpening the axe a little and making sure the strategy is cutting edge.
  3. The past 10 years has seen rapid growth in the numbers and scale f malignant SEO or RedHat attacks by competitors and even just people practicing security steps. The result can be catastrophic as the headlines have shown us over the past few years with traffic dropping off almost overnight. In some cases, very large online businesses have had to close the website and start again such was the level of damage done. More common, however, is the insipid damage done by regular and probably unconnected attacks that drain your website of key traffic.
    The reason it has become so easy to damage a website’s SEO prospects is that Google has been waging a war on Black hat SEO operators and in fact showing irritation with all kinds of SEO, because they like to be totally in control of how sites are ranked and naturally a clever SEO can make your site look substantially better to the Google spider and ranking machine. Some of the Black hat tactics involve creating whole webs of sites that have no business other than to fool the algorithm and therefore push paying customers up substantially in the rankings, A very famous case was that of Macy’s. It is therefore very easy for a stranger to do any of the many practices that have been outlawed and bring about an immediate penalty against your site which can be very costly. It is critical therefore your site is regularly reviewed and any such issues are spotted and resolved very quickly

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