Seo Hero Challenge by Wix

seo hero challenge by wix

I hope you all are happy from SEO Hero Challenge by Wix. If you are not aware of this challenge then read this article. Because this article about “SEO Hero challenge” will give you chance to win $50,000 by utilizing your best SEO skills.

You just need to buy a domain and make it number one in Google search engine within four months for the keyword “SEO Hero”. The domain registration should be after 16th November 2016. If you success then you will get $50,000 as the reward by Wix.

What is the SEO Hero Challenge?

Wix going to create a new site on Wix platform optimized for the search term “SEO Hero”.

Wix invited Seo professionals or any persons who have great knowledge of SEO to participate in the challenge. You can create your own website with any platform.

If your website will rank the highest for that search term in 4 months’, Wix will give you $50,000. Yes, it’s that simple.

Important: Check out the contest FAQs and be sure to review the seo hero contest rules.

Should you read about Challenge disqualification?

In order to remain in the competition, your SEO Hero website must meet with all of Wix contest rules.

All requirements must be met or you could be disqualified without notification:

The domain you submit must be a new domain purchased on or after November 16, 2016.

Note: It isn’t possible to re-purchase and use an expired domain for the competition. The domain cannot have a domain history prior to its current purchase date.

You must open an account with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster by February 16, 2017, connect it to your SEO Hero site and add as an admin.

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