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SEO for Medical Billing Company to Increase Leads/Business

Medical billing is a very competitive industry. To stay ahead of your competition you need to work on your brand’s online presence.

If you think that maintaining a brand presence is an expensive task then you must read this article in which I will break down all digital marketing techniques you require to increase your Brand’s online presence.

I will share the method that I have used for a medical billing company to increase their leads by 300% without spending a single penny on paid ads.

But first, you need to understand that without SEO it will not be possible to find you in Google Search results.

If your site is achieving 60% – 70% of all clicks by ranking in searches, that will account for your great credibility and authority. Remember, more website traffic means more qualified leads.

While searching for medical billing services if your competitor’s website is ranking instead of your website means that they are getting more benefits than you and attracting native patients before they even know your existence.

And, If your competitors aren’t investing in SEO yet, this is the better opportunity for you to take advantage

don’t miss it.

I repeat, don’t miss it.

3 Reasons why Medical Billing company should invest in SEO


Reason #1. Google is the new Yellow Pages

Mobile phones and computers are the main sources of search engine for CEO’s to find services provider. According to the Google stats:-

• Search queries for local businesses are of 20%

• Mobile searches for local businesses are of 40%

• Consumers search for local businesses online are 97%

Reason #2. Free Traffic

The best investments you can make for your medical billing services is SEO, you get more leads and traffic for free by ranking top at Google.

Reason #3. Fast Results

According to the masses believe it takes 6 months to a year to achieve first page Google rankings, but results often come faster in local markets. SEO practices aren’t following by most companies, if you follow SEO practice you will get the desired results within a short time.

Here are the steps you need to follow while doing SEO for a Medical Billing company:

1. Changes Required in Website Design

Hiring An Australian Website Design CompanyWebsite is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. You need to pay extra attention to changes require on the website because if done right it will save your tone of time to rank on your desired keywords.

Here are the points that you need to focus on while making changes to the website.

1.1. Page Speed

These days Google algorithms give extra attention to page speed. A slow website results in a high bounce rate with directly impacts your conversion rate and ranking as well. A clean fast website performs better in SERP.

You can check your website speed through the Google page speed tool and Gtmatrix. To increase page speed you can consult to your developer or read this blog post and follow instruction to do yourself.

1.2. Responsive Website Design

There is a lot of big organization in medical billing industries who have not updated their website from last one decade. Those codes website good in old times but technology has evolved a lot.

A responsive website adjusts itself according to the size of the screen of the devices. This is a plus point for SEO because you don’t require to make separate websites according to the resolution of devices.

1.3. CTA placement

These are important steps you need to focus on while making changes in a website. This is ignored by lots of companies.

I follow a few simple rules while deciding about the CTA placement on any website.

1. You need you to add different type of CTA to a page. It can be a form, a link to another important page, a chat window, or direct mention of email and phone number.

2. While scrolling through your landing page visitor must have at least 1 CTA available to interact on the screen every time.

To check the right position where users interacting most on your website you can use heatmaps. Heatmaps can help you to decide the right position to add CTA and provide insight into the areas where users are not paying any attention.

Use it wisely!

1.4. Website Structure

When you develop or make a website then make sure the architecture of an effective web represents your web ranking.

Therefore, make sure that the web page passes the required information by internal linking.

After that when a user comes on your web page or blog page then he can easily access your medical billing service by the interlinking process such as this:

Home>Category>Sub Category

2. On Page Optimization

landing page2.1. Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords for your landing page is very important. If you are thinking about using fancy words in your meta and your content is not optimized according to the right keywords then you will not be able to hold any good position in search engine result pages.
And let me tell you a fact, Pages that rank high get all the quality leads. A website ranking on the 4th pages of Google will not be able to generate any leads in the medical billing industry (this is my personal experience).

2.2. Meta Tag Optimization

After selecting the right keyword you need to create meta for your website. If this word is new to you then in simple words
Meta is the information about your landing page that appears in search results.
It is recommended to use keywords in your title of your page. Stick to basic and avoid fancy terms that don’t make any sense. You can add a secondary keyword to the title so that it can rank on multiple keywords.

2.3. Content Optimization

Ok, till now we have the right keywords with us and we have also worked on the information that we want to show on the search result. Now here comes the most important section on which it’s worthy to spend time on optimization.
Google crawlers crawl the HTML codes of your website. Then algorithm mainly checks that your content is unique or not, Text to code ratio, and the density of keywords in your content.
Maintaining the density of a keyword in a page helps the algorithm to determine the target Keyword on which you want to rank.
Note: Don’t do keyword stuffing. Use keyword at the right place a few times on the page. It’s recommended to maintain the keyword density of around 1 %.

2.4. Image Optimization

If not optimized properly images can make your website slow which will result in a loss of ranking.
Few recommendations regarding image optimization are:
8.1. They must be size properly. The oversize image can make your website slow.
8.2. Use compressed images because they take less time to load. You can use images in webp format to make them load fast.
8.3 Use your target keyword in the AlT Tag of your website.

2.5. URL Optimization

Putting right keyword in the URL is very important. Try to keep URL short so that viewers can remember it easily.

2.6. Blogging

Adding a blog can help you the increase your reach. More people will read your content means you will get more leads.

Updating blog on regular gives positive signal to Google bots. Those website that update content on regular bases normally rank higher than other website.

For medical billing industry, I recommend to add at least 1 blog post every month and update content on your old posts.

3. Off Page Optimization/ Link building

link building strategiesA good website with right on page SEO will lay the foundation for your business. But Backlinks will make website authority that will help your company to rank higher and stay their until someone do better optimization then you.

You can read this article about the highly effective Link Building strategies that you should consider while optimizing your website.


I have shared all work I have done to optimize a medical billing website and increase their business in this SEO for medical billing company guide.

If you have any queries or you want any guidance regarding SEO for medical billing company then you can contact me on LinkedIn.

You can also hire an SEO company to make your website appear in Google search results and start generating revenue for you.

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Akash Singh
Akash is the fountainhead of Google SEO Trends and founder of SEO Heros. An SEO Expert, a Wordpress Developer and a blogger by choice. His zeal to learn is remarkable (makes him sound like a walking SEO Encyclopedia).

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