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How to do SEO for a Freelance Business Website

SEO is nowadays essential for every online business. The full form is “Search Engine Optimization”.The name explains itself the need and functionality.

It is a process of getting more organic traffic over the landing page through searching platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

How does Search Engine work?

Every engine has a mechanism that is responsible for collecting data from different sites.

It is known as a “Crawler” who observes several things that assist it in granting a position to a particular website.

The number of visitor increases when the rank goes upward.

However, these devices are advancing their system that leads to the complexity of understanding the strategies.

Freelance Website Vs Account on Freelance Platform

HeadFreelance WebsiteAccount on Freelance Forum
OwnershipThe website is owned by a particular person and no one can restrict the owner.It is a platform. Every user held a limited space here.
Fees/ChargesThe whole cost of the order associated with the owner. No fees applied.Pay the charges to the forum on getting each order.
CompetitionLow competition risk. The visitor will view only your website & professional skills with full concentration.High competition because a seeker is watching several profiles at a time. Skilled and unskilled all look equal in the queue.
The possibility of Promotional ActsThe opportunity to avail several tools for doing SEO becomes maximized.Limited promotional activities are possible for your portfolio.
Number of Services OfferedOffered unlimited services one would be capable of facilitating. Even distribute a single job into many parts and treat them unique service.Forums are allowing only a specific number of services. If you wish to categorize an offer into sections, then must delete another service.
Restrictions & Limitation While BriefingDetail the service with unlimited words. Furthermore, no rule of restricting any word.Limitation of maximum word count. Moreover, some of the words are prohibited, i.e., payment, paid, etc.
Monitor AnalyticsTo audit the user data, visitor’s activities, the owner can take help from advanced analytical tools as well as integrate any custom system.The forum grants only basic analytical data to monitor the activities upon the owner’s profile & service pages.
SEO JuiceThe full fruit of the promotional efforts will be granted to the specific website only.If a profile owner does SEO of personal profile, it will also benefit the platform. It means that the profit is being shared.

The Necessity of SEO for an Online Business

There are several advantages of improving the website’s features to make it compatible with the search engine. Some of them are as below:

  1. Entrance in the digital world
  2. Cost-effective
  3. 24/7 promotion accessible
  4. Brand awareness
  5. Referral marketing
  6. Control the performance
  7. Competitors were already accessed
  8. Strategy remain secret

How to do SEO:

Now you understood the benefits of a personal freelance website. Now the issue is about the promotion of the site but “How?”

Here are some easy and understandable essential steps to perform for achieving this goal.

1) Establish an Optimized Website

Establishing a website is not a hard task today. A primary question arises in the mind of a freelancer that really he/she requires any website.

The answer is “YES”. Almost every corporation is displaying its existence over the internet.

In the US, approximately people used more than $450 billion for online purchases.

The mandatory aspect is to make it prominent. Ensurebelow elements must be carefully integrated.

a. Website name

The website name plays a significant role in marketing.

It must be attractive, unique, and contains such expression that shows you are a freelance facilitator, for example, FreeLancerand PeoplePerHour.

b. Mobile-friendly

Recently, users are avoiding using computers and laptops for visiting any website. They prefer to perform every activity through smartphones.

That’s why, the offers, banners, and text must be mobile-oriented. For example, a website PremiumJackets is selling jackets.

If a user opens the online shop on iPhone or Android set, the images are clearly visible, and the text displaying specification is large enough that can be seen & read easily.

c. Samples

Over a freelance forum, service researcher can notice the star ratings and customer reviews to decide the authentication of a facilitator.

But it is hard for a freelance website. A great method of satisfying the client before hiring you is to upload the samples.

Hence, the buyer can read the material and analyze the quality before assigning the job to it.

d. Testimonials

The profile owners over freelance platforms beg to their customer for five-star ratings and good comments.

They have to increase the number of testimonials for standing at the top among other participants.

Never ignore testimonials over your personal freelance site as well. It plays a powerful role in deciding on any service.

c. Easy contact

Make sure that the method of contacting should be painless. Contact form provides a nice help in this regard.

Also, mention other connecting ways. Thus, the customer chooses what he/she likes the most convenient.

2) Publish Guest Posts

Ghostwriting is a trick of off-page SEO. 45% of SEO analysts prefer the guest posting is crucial for business promotion.

The informational websites need knowledge-based content every day or weekly basis. That’s why they allow other writers to write and publish an article on such webs.

In return, these blogs allow a relevant link to the author’s site. Guest post can extract a good juice as compared to other tricks.

But keep in mind such bloggers accept only high-quality & informative content.

If a freelancer is not capable of composing such an article, he can take assistance from following online tools and resources:

3) Create Social Media

Societies are now socializing without meeting face to face. They remain connected with each other through social forums.

Based on this habit, organizations have also developed their social media pages.

If you feel any difficulty, hire an agency to create the same for you. Ensure to fill the relevant sections covering all services, prices, contact details, discounts, and samples.

4) Contribute Over QnAForums

One of the best tactics to appear in society is joining some of the relevant forums.

Those funnels may be about QNA, discussion, or technique sharing types.

Visit them regularly, check the latest updates, and notice the queries. Simply answer according to your best knowledge.

Also, take part in the discussions.

In this way, your profile gets considered in the views of the search engine as well as other people.

This activity profit you to remain upgraded with new issues, as well as invest in your portfolio that attracts visitor to investigate you and your services.

5) Send Pitching Email to Big Organization

Emails are one of the mandatory necessities for literate people. Freelancers are now sending their offers and service awareness through emails.

The introduction, description and pleasant closing are vital parts of an email. As per research, professional suggests consuming 80% time over writing a perfect sale pitch email which is too hard for a freelancer.

Hence, acquire the best guidance from experts to script an appealing and attractive pitching text.

Through this facility, one would get precise, to the point and convincing matter of email.

Just paste the text in the box and send to as many people as you can.

6) Spend Time to Freelance Forums Also

Some of the business executives play efficiently and recommends the same. They practice establishing a website showing their freelance services particularly.

While on the other hand, they created profiles over several freelancing platforms where the portfolio and display picture shows there brand name.

So, if anyone wishes to search the same brand name over Google, the seeker can find a separate website thus contact through that medium instead of this forum.

7) Take Help from Videos

Visual clips are also an attractive element nowadays. Youngsters are not habitual to spend their time reading stuff.

They prefer listening to lectures and podcasts. Therefore, YouTube gets popular due to the vast range of videos.

Brands are being promoted by uploading unique and fresh videos.

Likewise, numerous service providers are advertising their services through manufacturing interesting visual segments.

Continuous Maintenance is Mandatory

Usually, the freelance business owner assumes that once the website has been reached at the top, now it is a relaxing time. Professional expert suggests that now the site comes in adultery age.

A new life has been started here. Kevin Tyron, a promotion manager of a reputable writing firm MHRWriter stated: “When our site took off and touched the ranking sky, we get relaxed.

Just after a week, executives noticed the decline and after a month we exist on the second page of the search result.

From this point, we come to a result that achieving target is the first stage and maintaining the same position in more a harder yet different approach.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the same pace or bit lighter but never skip the race.

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