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4 Best SEO Audit Tools You Need To Use Right Now

Anyone who produces content on the internet knows that dealing with SEO is an enormous task, and isn’t always simple.

One has to constantly make sure that your website has a high ranking and is on the top of search engine results. The process of doing so requires one to take into account many factors and correct anything that is going wrong or pulling down your rankings. If you don’t do so, the popularity of your website will wane.

But, as we mentioned above, combing through every aspect and trying to pinpoint what exactly is the problem, isn’t always possible. Especially as a beginner. Well, thankfully, this is where SEO audit tools come into the picture.

Through the help of these tools, you can figure out the stats of your webpage and the problem areas, and then make improvements accordingly.

If you want to know more about SEO Audit tools and which are the best ones out there, keep on reading.

What are SEO Audit Tools?

For those of you who don’t know, SEO Audit Tools are websites and software that essentially do full research on the numerous factors affecting the rankings and visibility of your site on search engines. They assist you by giving you an in-depth insight into all the way your website is being affected.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Through such a detailed analysis and research, the SEO audit tools then assist you in solving the issues that have emerged in a way that helps your site rankings improve.

5 Best SEO Website Audit Tools

Now that you know what exactly SEO audit tools are, here are the 5 best SEO audit websites that you can use.

  1. Strumenti.seo

The first pick on our list of the best SEO audit tools is They provide all online content creators and bloggers with amazing SEO consulting services, which helps you identify all the SEO problems that your website is facing. They analyze over 100 different points, whether it’s checking your backlinks, examining your website ranking by region, country, topic, etc. and more. They also let you have all your queries and questions answered by one of their professionals, who will cater to you extensively. But it doesn’t end here. After the consulting is done, they create a customized marketing plan to fit all your requirements and solve every issue that your website is facing. It’s an amazing tool that provides comprehensive service.


Another leading SEO audit tool that is beloved by online creators is Their specialized software crawls your website to figure out the exact areas that need improvement, in order to improve your SEO and website ranking. They don’t just look at one or two things. Seomator does a comprehensive check-up of various factors including HTML tags, page loading speed, backlinks, content quality, and readability, etc. However, they don’t just stop at this. After a thorough crawl, they submit a report to you that gives you an idea of the performance analysis. Seomator also offers a unique feature which is scheduled auto-crawling. With the help of this, you can consistently monitor your website rankings and visibility.

  1. Site-Analyzer

Site-Analyzer is an SEO auditing tool that has been around for quite some time and in that period, it has helped several websites grow and develop. Site-Analyzer leaves no stone unturned, for it does a thorough analysis of all prominent factors to give you a comprehensive and exhaustive report. They make sure to help you focus on the key aspects which affect your site visibility, ranking, and overall profitability the most. Once the report has been compiled, you can export your data easily. You can do in the form of PDFs and if you so please, you can attach your personal logo on it as well. Best of all is that they offer such extensive services at a very low and affordable price. So even if you’re just starting out, you can avail of their services.

  1. SERanking

Lastly, we have SERanking, which as the name suggests focuses primarily on improving your site ranking in the best possible manner.

By using several different methods of scanning, the SERanking software makes sure to crawl every single page of your website and leave no stone unturned. It also checks through all your subdomains at once.

So there is no need to check them all turn by turn. The software even manages to reach domains that are closed, after you have granted them the required access.

SERanking not only checks technical errors but also looks for minor mistakes and errors that have crept in such as your content quality, your titles, and tags, etc.

They also offer a wide range of customization options as it allows you to control the speed of crawling, create automated checks according to your schedule, define what is an error, and more.

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