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What is White Label Reseller Hosting ( Explained)

Getting something extra apart from your income is always appreciated by every one of us. Most of you might have found some different ways to earn extra income.
If you are a web designer or developer then you have a golden opportunity to start a web hosting business. How?

Then it is possible with the reseller hosting that allows you to start your own web hosting company under your brand name.

Being a newbie, you must have got the question – will my business exist in the market?

Yes, it will exist!

The logic is very simple that there are various physical businesses that are taking their business online globally. For an online business, there is a need for a website and after a website is designed then web hosting is required to take it online.

Which web hosting provider is best?

Then it is suggested to check review sites, testimonials and opt for the free demo before buying the web hosting. If you are getting affordable, reliable and customer-friendly service then your business will perform well.

You can set up your web hosting business under your brand name, only if you are getting white label hosting. So, it’s time to study in-depth about white label Best Reseller Web Hosting.

White label Reseller Hosting

With the help of white label Windows Reseller Hosting, one can re-build the hosting products of one company without disclosing the connection between the party and company owner. This is crucial factor, when it comes to reselling the hosting services of other company.

Who can opt for White Label Hosting?

As I stated before, white label hosting is useful for rebuilding his/her own hosting company. It is ideal for web developers, web designers or entrepreneurs those who are planning to start a new business.

In short, it’s for them who are keen to start a business of reselling hosting services. Your web hosting provider will take care of all technical aspects such as server maintenance and management.

Working of White Label Program

Under this type of hosting label, you can sell hosting products including your profitable amount. It’s not only easy but also, time and money saving as well.

In short, you are reselling the ready – made products or services then it is time saving.

  • Your customer can place an order easily through your website.
  • You can set up your client accounts easily on the servers which you have purchased from a web hosting provider.
  • Your customer will receive an automated email.


reseller homepage

MilesWeb offers best reseller hosting plan at a decent price. You can easily start your own web hosting business with MilesWeb reseller hosting plan only at Rs. 290/mo.

Get excellent value-for-money unlimited reseller hosting service in India, UK and US with benefits like White Label Reselling, Free Domain Reseller Account, Free Migration, etc.

You get 24*7*365 days support service and you can connect them via chat, phone, and email. Their servers are active all the time that ensure 99.95% uptime.

Try MilesWeb without thinking too much because they provide 30days money back guarantee, so you will get your money back when you are not satisfied.

Similar Features Included in White Label Hosting

The features totally depend upon the web hosting provider that you are going to consider for buying the web hosting services.

While comparing the plans of the different hosting provider, you will see similar features that are listed below:

  1. Billing Integration

Every reseller hosting provider offers WHMCS billing software for easy billing process and management of the payment plans. With this feature, you can ensure that payment process is ongoing activity.

  1. Private Name Servers

In private name servers, you can separate your brand and hosting provider name. So, it is very important in reseller hosting plan.

  1. Easy Scalable:

It scales the resources when there is a sudden increase in the number of clients or resources of the website which you are managing.

  1. Easy to use control panel

Control panel allows you to manage your website completely. You can perform all the activities like managing clients’ account, making back – end changes, checking PHPthe version of your clients, etc.

  1. Domain and Email Integration

Being a reseller, you get multiple reseller accounts that permit you to sell email add – ons, domain registration services and other perks. This can be the icing on cake for your business.

How do I active White label Reseller Hosting

WHM is an admin control panel that is included in your reseller hosting plan. This allows you to manage all the aspects of web hosting plans for your customers.

In the control panel, you will get an option that will allow you to brand the control panel under your company name and logo.

This will hide the identity of web hosting provider and you act as a separate brand or web hosting company to them.

To complete the set up process of white label option, you need a domain name that is to be used for your nameservers.


I hope this article will help you to know more about white label reseller hosting. However, demand for web hosting service is not going to end because surfing on the internet is not going to end.

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