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10 Reasons why Calgary Businesses Need SEO

To several businessmen, search engine optimization (SEO) might strike as just another marketing buzzword.

However, it is more than a means to extract money from your pocket. SEO is the central pillar that gets attention to your business by improving its visibility in the search engine.

How many times have you took to Google and typed in a query?

The results that have popped on the first page of the search engine are a work of SEO.

Moreover, a study reveals that you are not alone in surfing your problems via the Internet. Most Americans use the Internet to get answers to their questions.

In fact, an average of 40,000 searches is conducted via Google every second. What’s more, is that 20% of the daily searches are about local businesses.

Consequently, the search engine is the best way for potential clients to find your business.

This sets the ground for SEO for your Calgary business as shown below:

investing in seoSource

Let’s walk you through more reasons for investing in SEO for your business:

1. Helps clients find your Calgary business

SEO increases your business’s reach. In the present times, it takes more than just a billboard to announce your company’s presence. Most people will find you through a search engine.

So, it is best for your business to lounge in the search engine results page (SERPs).

Proper SEO helps you boost your search engine ranking so that more clients can find you easily.

2. SEO will give your clients the information they need

In addition to discovering your business via the Internet, potential clients search a lot of other things related to your business.

These include your business’s location, work hours, prices, and more.

Here is a look at what individuals search:

consumer search


Put simply, customers fish out good business using search engines. From your end, SEO is the bait that catches potential clients.

3. SEO delivers results for your Calgary Business

SEO shows remarkable results for your business if done correctly. 72% of the business owners applaud their role in improving their bottom line.

Google changes its algorithm every year to clear spam. This means that SEO agencies or solo professionals have to remain abreast of the changes and adjust their SEO tactics likewise.

If you’re working with a knowledgeable SEO pro, then you can get good results for your venture.

4. Delivers high ROI

When done correctly, SEO delivers a high return on investment. It can generate organic traffic that costs heavily if done through a paid search campaign.

You can get a substantial idea of the ROI by taking the first position for a specific keyword in Google.

The highest-ranking will get you at least 33% of the clicks. This means that out of 5,000 monthly searches on the keyword, your business page can get approximately 1,650 visits. This makes SEO a worthy investment.

5. Marketers trust SEO for your business

Marketers are all praise for search engine optimization for a business’s digital marketing strategy. 57% of the marketers consider SEO great for generating more business leads than any other marketing tactic.

Have a look at how they ranked SEO and other digital marketing initiatives:



6. SEO drives the local audience to your Calgary business

A survey reveals that four out of five folks use search engines to undertake local searches.

High-quality, local SEO drives the targeted audience to your business. Local optimization covers potential clients in your vicinity.

Resultantly, more people can find your business. Additionally, local SEO also gets your initiative a spot in the local listings relevant to your area and industry niche.

7. SEO establishes you as a trusted business

SEO entails numerous factors. These include getting backlinks, content creation, and website optimization.

All these aspects work to develop your business’s credibility, which enhances the attention that you get as well as increases the conversion rate.

For instance, backlinks increase the times that your business is mentioned on numerous other authoritative sites.

This swells your business’s authority, which means customers are more likely to trust and get your services.

8. It improves your business’s other marketing efforts

Search engine optimization can boost other marketing initiatives too. For example, if your business website ranks well on the SERPs, it improves your retargeting and pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

Likewise, pairing SEO with your company’s search advertising can boost your site traffic by as much as 50%.

The social media marketing plans for your venture also have rocketed chances of success with SEO.

Optimizing the content on your social media networks assists in driving more people to your business.

Hence, SEO is akin to an amplifier that magnifies all other marketing moves.

9. SEO helps with mobile searches

In 2016, the number of mobile searchers conducted officially overtook searches made via desktops. SEO is used to this end as well.

Mobile SEO paired with local optimization enhances your company’s reach. It optimizes your business page to align with Google’s mobile ranking algorithm.

This is important because of 88% of the consumers that search for a local business on their mobile device call or visit the business within 24 hours. You wouldn’t want to miss this section of potential clients.

10. SEO is affordable and your competitors are using it

If you type in some keywords that are relevant to your business, you will see that the first page is packed with multiple competitors.

This shows that other businesses in your industry are also using SEO. Moreover, search engine optimization is affordable.

A survey confirms that 61% of its respondents consider SEO as less expensive to acquire than outbound leads.

The bottom line

All in all, SEO for your Calgary business is critical to expanding your business’s reach, drive organic traffic to your services page, and multiply the conversion rate.

It also amplifies the efforts that you pour in other marketing tactics for your venture.

On top of that, search engine optimization doesn’t break the bank and boasts a high ROI.

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