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Online Advertising in the UK – Google Ads Agency and Online Marketing

With the rise on the internet and how commonly businesses have started to use online websites to promote their services and products, increasing the online presence of a company became an absolute must, and that’s how online marketing became a thing.

Marketing can be described as any type of strategy that works towards increasing the presence of a brand, company, product, or service, to attract the interest of potential customers, thus, increasing sales.

Now, there are many different types of marketing, but the one that deals with the presence of a company on the internet, and how it spreads towards different platforms and devices (be it desktop computers and mobile devices) is known as online marketing or digital advertising. As mentioned in this article, though, there are different types of strategies that can be considered as digital advertising.

Some strategies rely on the use of content and carefully written articles that are meant to provide valuable information for potential customers that are interested in the niche of the business.

These articles often use something known as SEO or searching engine optimization, an online marketing technique that requires knowledge and experience related to the use of words and their placement in the articles to increase the presence of a piece of content in searching engines such as Google and Yahoo.

This type of marketing is usually very successful, considering that most traffic directed to a website is due to said searching engines, being Google the most used searching engine world-wide.

More commonly used digital advertising strategies, though, are linked to ads placed in websites and services that have high amounts of traffic, such as Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify. With that said, some people place their ads on websites that have a decent amount of followers and find success in the exchange.

Here’s where ads, specifically Google Ads, comes in handy.

Talking About Ads

Now, as you might have expected, there are different types of ads. The most common ones are the ones that are presented to you in the form of pictures and videos. When we talk about Youtube, we talk about short ads that can go from 8 seconds to 1 minute but can be skipped after 5 to 7 seconds.

In Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and many other websites, you usually find photos or banners containing information about a product and service.

One common trait about almost every add, including the ones mentioned over here, is that they direct people towards a website, website that is usually the owner of said ad.

The thing about ads, though, is that they need to be done smoothly while being interesting and providing enough information to attract potential customers without taking too much of their time. Most people watching ad videos tend to skip them as soon as possible, and if they add doesn’t catch their attention in the first seconds, that is probably the most likely result.

If a picture doesn’t provide enough information or is not aesthetically appealing to people, the results of the said ad will be poor in comparison to a well-made one.

Ads are tricky things, and of course, require training and experience in the area. That is why you can find courses online teaching you how to get the most out of them, some of these courses even created by Google.

Still, the information acquired from a single course tends to be lacking, and it is the experience and the analysis of information provided by the data that makes people improve.

This process can take time, which is the very reason why people hire a Google Ads agency to take care of their ad campaigns. These agencies have professionally trained marketing advisors who are more than capable of providing advice as well as creating ads that are suitable for your company, depending on the place they are going to be posted.

This will result in different formats for standard websites with decent or lower traffic, social media, and service-providers like Spotify. It also will translate a better analysis of the information and data provided by the analytics of the ad itself, bringing faster results when changes are done.

And although these agencies can be pricey, they are probably the best alternative for starting businesses wanting to increase their online presence.

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