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Negative SEO tactics and Safeguard against Negative SEO attack

If your site is affected by negative SEO, you can read the article to learn how to protect your site against negative SEO attacks to maintain your online reputation.

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is a process of knock down a site from search engine ranking. People do Negative SEO to remove a particular URL from Google search.

This process is generally used to rank drop a competitor’s site.  There are several tactics for NSEO.

Following tactics are most popular among webmasters:

  • Bulk Backlinks

A few spam links are considered by Google but building huge spam links causes a ban by Google.

Google’s consideration is used by webmasters and SEO experts to rank drop specific sites from Google.

What they just do is create thousands of backlinks within a short period of time and make them indexed by Google.

When Google finds the URL getting huge irrelevant links in a short time, Google just removes the URL from Google search.

That is why links firm has become one of the best choices for a negative SEO attack. People even buy some negative SEO for their competitor’s site.


To avoid spam and unnatural links profile, you have to always monitor your links profile.  First of all, you have to check your current links profile.

You can use SEO tools like ahrefs to find all backlinks.

Then create a disavow file and upload it to Disavow tools using webmasters panel. You can create an alert on webmasters to get notified when new links are created.

If the link seems span and irrelevant, disavow it as soon as possible.

If your website is already got penalized, then disavow all irrelevant links then submit a consideration request, and create some good links.

You may read 3 Link Building Tactics to Improve Your SEO.

Check Matt Cutt’s video about uses of Google disavow tools

  • Hacking

Hacking is one of the old school methods of negative SEO attacks. Google always prefer to rank website which is fresh and hack free.

If a website got hacked it’s automatically de-rank from the search result.

Though it’s not a permanent solution to penalize a website because the site owner fixes the issue and makes the site online again.


First of all, you need to monitor your site security on a weekly or even daily basis. Make sure your website is secured enough to be hacked.

You can hire a server and networking expert to build strong security to your web server.

Things you should do:

  • Stay updated
  • Toughen up access control
  • Tighten network security
  • Install a web application firewall
  • Install security applications
  • Hide admin pages
  • Use SSL
  • Back-up frequently

If your website got hacked, backup and make the site live immediately.

  • Malware Attack

Google is always tried to make the search result clean and safe for users. The major search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo are always trying to remove websites with malware from their search result.

Webmasters take advantage of this process. They do malware attack on their competitor’s websites.

Sometimes they also do a DDoS attack to slow down site load speed. Google’s latest algorithm focuses on website speed too.

So the website with low speed is not preferred to get a higher ranking.

Negative SEO tactics and Safeguard against Negative SEO attackSafeguard

You need to routine check about the security of your website. Use Web Application Firewalls to protect any kind of unwanted attack.

Make Strengthen Passwords for your site backend. If your website is built with WordPress or another open-source CMS, then keep Updates and Patches on regular basis.

  • Blackhat SEO technique

A few years back, the Blackhat SEO technique became so popular among SEO experts. They applied the blackhat technique to get a high ranking in a short period of time.

There are some popular techniques were used as blackhat methods are Hidden text, hidden links, keyword stuffing, duplicate page, force indexing, keyword density, repeating content, and so on.

After the update of new panda and penguin updates, the blackhat technique has become a threat to SEO experts.

Now a day’s blackhat SEO technique is considered as spam. The site with blackhat optimization tends to panelized by Google.

Some SEO expert is doing blackhat SEO, especially hidden links and duplicating article to rank drop of the targeted site.


As a website owner, you will have to keep an eye on your website regularly. Check your site backlinks and social profiles.

Try to manage your online reputation by professionals who offer Online Reputation Management Services.

Focus on website content. If there is duplicate content, immediately take an action. When you publish a new article fetch as Google immediately or submit to Google Search Console for a quick index.

You can hire a negative SEO expert who can get the entire job done for you. If your website is negatively attacked by competitors, Find an SEO expert and

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