Legendary Marketer Review – Is David Sharpe a Scam?

Legendary Marketer Review

Legendary Marketer is a platform that was launched by David Sharpe in 2015. David Sharpe was initially part of Empower Network, but later on, he left the Empower Network and started his own company with the name of Duplicate Dave. Soon after this, he created Legendary Marketer and now Duplicate Dave is also a part of this program.

David is a very famous guy in the digital marketing world and has been featured on Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Legendary Marketer works on the very popular business model, i.e., Affiliate Marketing. However, he has added a franchise concept into this process. It means David offers you different products and you have to buy the license from him and then promote those products to other people using a system that you will learn in the Legendary Marketer.

They will provide “Done for You” solution for making this process a lot easier. You will get a readymade sales to funnel with all of your affiliate links embedded in the funnel, and all you need is to bring in traffic to this funnel, and if someone buys that product, you will earn a commission.

So the entire focus is on promoting the Company’s own products which I believe is a bit unfair to the members. Because the primary task of a system is to train people generally about how to promote a product and make money, it is then to be decided by the members based on their interests which products or services they want to promote.

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Legendary Marketer offers different products.

Let’s look at one by one:

  1. Legendary Marketer Club (LMC) = $30 per Month
  2. Traffic Rolodex (TR) = $247 One-Time
  3. Legendary Builder Masterclass (LBM) = $2,500 One-Time
  4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint (AMBB) = $2,500 One-Time
  5. Digital Products Business Blueprint (DPBB) = $2,500 One-Time
  6. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint (CCBP) = $2,500 One-Time
  7. Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint (EMBP) = $2,500 one-time
  8. Legendary Leader Master class (LLM) = $5,000 One-Time
  9. Legendary Marketer Masterminds (LMM) = $8,000 One-Time
  10. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind (LEM) = $12,000 One-Time
  11. Legendary Lifestyle Experience (LLE) = $30,000 One-Time

The total cost of the product exceeds $60k, and it is one of the most expensive products that you have ever seen.

Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan

To participate in its compensation plan, you must first need to purchase their product. After purchasing you have the license to promote it to other people. As earlier discussed they will provide you training on how to do that. The majority of focus is on running Facebook ads and then drives traffic to your funnel.

When people become your leads by providing their email addresses, the system will send follow up email series to those people and then promote Legendary Marketer products.

Let’s look at the commission of each product if you promote it to other people:

Legendary Marketers Club – $30 per Month = You will earn $18/month

Traffic Rolodex ($247 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $247, which is $98.8

Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2,500 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $2,500, which is $1,000

Affiliate Business Blueprint ($2,500 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $2,500, which is $1,000

Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $2,500, which is $1,000

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $2,500, which is $1,000

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $2,500, which is $1,000

Legendary Leader Masterclass ($5,000 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $5000,which is $2,000

Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $8,000, which is $3,200

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $12,000, which is $4,800

Legendary Lifestyle Experience ($30,000 Onetime): You will earn 40% of $30,000, which is $12,000

Pros and Cons:


  • The Company offers a high affiliate commission for promoting its products.
  • “Done for You” landing pages, email swipes and much more.
  • There is a lot of valuable information in the Legendary Marketer member’s area.


  • Very pricey product and you need to spend more than $60,000 to access to the full course.
  • Its focus is on using Facebook ads, which is a costly traffic system to use.
  • You first need to buy the license before promoting the product to other people.

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam?

Legendary Marketer is a legit product, and it is from the person who has a vast experience in the digital marketing industry. However, the entire course is offered at a price of above $60k, and the sole purpose is to promote the Company’s own products.

So, if you have money and like the concept of promoting this product to other people that will bring you big affiliate commissions, this is for you.


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