Instagram Stories: 9 Smashing Methods That Marketers Never Miss

In this digital world, everyone wishes to watch videos without interruption of ads, right! You all have a habit of ignoring or skipping ads on Youtube. Some people are even ready to pay to watch videos without any ads.

Instagram also provides many ads, but it’s hard not to believe from people’s side; this is where you have to understand the master plan of Instagram’s stories in-build features.

For instance, you by casually tapping your friend’s dinner photo on Instagram stories. Without knowingly, Instagram drags you to visit 30 people’s stories.

You have viewed five adverts, one of the influencers’ stories, and swipe -up to click influencers links. Unknowingly you have spent 20 minutes.

Without realizing it has ads, you have come across it. It shows how Instagram stories are precious from a business point of view.

The attractive frame of Instagram stories keeps people watching longer even though you never plan to. With excitement and enthusiasm to know what next, you have continually clicked it.

The research study shows that 80% of Instagram users are more likely to tap forward on Instagram stories instead of exit. It shows people are very interested in continuing the flow.

Here you are going to see how you can use Instagram story stickers to promote your business.

Keep Updating Via Announcement

Instagram is a great place to share your information, no matter what update you are giving, create engagingly just it. Instagram stories’ nature will react immediately and make use of it.

You can come up with announcing your new launch, any special offers discounts, new employees, or any general info about your business.

If you aim to offer regular updates of your business, then think about posting the behind-the-scenes. You can shoot all pieces of stuff like morning to evening what’s happening in your workplace in the name of behind-the-scenes.

Publishing the behind-the-scenes content regularly, you are making the people remember your brand or product always. Your followers will feel more valued and recognized through your updates.

Think About Collaboration

Instagram stories offer a way to begin an effective marketing strategy for brands and influencers in the name of collaboration.

You can partner with your relevant industry experts or influencers and plan to provide content like hosting interviews or discussing your industry.

Such types of content posted to stories are viewed by more number of people. Additionally, you can buy Instagram story views to boost engagement and increase the number of people who watch your stories. Certainly, they will turn out to be your followers as well.

Give New  Life To Your Old Stories

Once Instagram introduced the highlighting option, it changed everything. Maybe for a regular user, the highlighting option is like saving their best memories to showcase others.

But for business accounts, it’s a trump card to pin their brand info, awards, user-generated content. It will act as a little blog to present your brands or product info for new users.

Being a business or market, you can highlight options by giving an intro about yourself, telling people who you are, what’s your business, and why you are here. You can use this place to showcase your product images. You can create many story highlights, title them, and add cover pictures to those stories.

In that, gather all those related stories and arrange them according to the title. Choose impressive images for your cover picture; additionally, you can edit your old stories to turn your Instagram stories into your broncher.

If you spot many companies, they have used Instagram stories for their marketing. They bring more content, which is attractive to their audience by attracting cover pictures.

Engage In Polls

Polls are ways to generate more interaction and engagement from your followers.  Using polls, you can do market research and get customers’ feedback, suggestions, or opinions about something. You create polls to know your audience’s mindsets. It is one of the fun and funny stickers.

You can build polls in different styles, and its chances are endless. So frame the poll according to your business and brands to your target audience. Instagram always tries to give features to make natural conversion and the brand’s authenticity.

Let Your Followers Ask Question

Using question stickers on Instagram, your audience can ask questions to you. They can come up with any sensational topics and be ready to answer. It helps to build a good community, and it raises followers’ interaction.

If you answer their question, they feel themselves as cared for and valued. It shows your respect towards your customers will bring trust and loyalty to your account.

Make Use Of Reaction Slider

A reaction slider is a funny way to allow people to react to your post on Instagram stories. The Instagram algorithm will value the number of interactions you have received for your Instagram stories to check how engaged your followers are and your content quality.

Hence it’s the perfect way to encourage your people’s engagement rate.

Always brands use these features with hearty eyes to measure how much their audience loves the products. Anyway, you provide so many innovative ways to build the slider according to their creativity.

Start Your Countdown

Countdown features are more advantageous for any exclusive updates, hot news, sales, and offers announcement.

You can set the deadlines for your countdown to be aware of details like how many people are engaged and interested. It helps to encourage connections among your followers.

Add Your Desired Links

Adding links to their Instagram stories is only available to the person who has 10k followers. If you are one of them, then you add external links to your Instagram stories.

Use this option wisely to place your target page; when people click, they will redirect to the browser within Instagram. You can pick eye-catching titles like shop sale now, book today, get a free trial to bring your audience to your target page.

Include Tags

Tags help to gain more discoverability of your Instagram stories. It will gather all people together. It raises your impression rate. Both hashtags and location tags are advantageous in many ways.

Hashtags use to make people easily find your content. Using hashtags, you explore any topic you want. Location tag uses to target a specific group of audience by their particular area.

Wrapping Up

Giveaways, contests, live videos are also popular and the best way to promote your products appealingly. Try all those kinds of stuff which is very practical and useful for your business growth.

Be consistent; post often ones you uploaded to try to measure the results. And Analyse your performance to identify and to rectify your mistakes.

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