How to Increase Likes on Facebook Page For Free

increase likes on facebook page for free

In this article, I am going to share some important tricks about, how to increase likes on the Facebook page for free and make your Page/Image/video viral.

As everybody knows that nowadays Facebook is definitely biggest and most popular social networking website in the world and every day millions of user visit on this great platform, they spend their time on it for watching videos, sharing pics, and making new friends. Some people use it for sharing some useful information, some for business ads and some for only personal use.

So this is all about Facebook and now below is the way to increase likes on the Facebook page for free.
Before Start, first, you need to create a page for your brand after that send the link to all of your friends or invite them to like your page.

Page Setting:

After creating a Facebook page, always make sure that page information should be accurate, according to your page name and brand.

Page category should be also relevant to your page that’s help Facebook search engine to easily understand your page type for providing suggestion related to your interest.

Setup Address and Website link are more helpful to engage with the right audience.


One is the most important part of increase likes on the Facebook page for free.

But you need to careful when starting to follow someone and keep patience because everything takes the little time to make a great impact.

Join Groups:

Join groups that similar to your page, category or brands because of users on that page always like relevant post to their interest.

When you write any valuable content on your page, share it on these groups. It definitely increases the likes on Facebook.

Share Other Relevant Pages

This is an effective and famous way to increase likes on the Facebook page for free. We also define these techniques as page exchange or page sharing.

Share other relevant pages on your and they share your page on their page or groups.

Merge Duplicate Pages or Other unimportant pages into your Main Page

Just because of limited knowledge about the merge option of Facebook, many users did not take advantage of this great option.

This is a great technique to join two or more different pages into one page and increase likes on Facebook.


As above I share, is all about how we manage our Facebook pages in well-mannered way quality content, relevant content, join relevant groups, share all our post on other groups, friends, and some other facts.

If you use all the above tips and tricks about, how to increase likes on Facebook then you should reach the right audience, you are looking for in less time.

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