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How to Improve Site’s overall Traffic to Get More Potential Leads

A simple fact is that building a website requires a lot of investment. You need to have a state of the art technical team to come up with a website that makes an impression.

Why do businesses invest so much money in getting websites made?

One simple reason is that it is a technology dominated time and most people prefer making purchases online. The trend of making long trips to malls and markets has almost died.

Today, people have very busy routines and need everything online. Thus, companies that have more traffic on their website obviously generate more business.

Having traffic does not mean visitors who come and go without spending time. If you need a higher number of conversions, you need people on your website who are interested in what you offer and willing to spend time as well.

Lead generation

This obviously requires effort and a productive strategy. Getting a website ranked highly with more traffic is something that requires constant effort.

The simple fact is that you need to follow the correct tips. If you know what has to be done and how you can lift your website in terms of ranks.

Here are some productive ways to improve site traffic count.

  1. Strengthen your presence through Quality content sharing

If you are running a brand and you want it to grow in terms of traffic, it is simply impossible without having a strong presence on content marketing.

Today, people view social media for everything and even base their decisions on the generated results.

For instance, if they view that a particular product has not been intercepted well by people on Facebook, they would not be in favor of buying it. A good strong social media presence is nothing less than a game changer today.

If your brand is strong on social media and you have a good number of followers, the win is yours. In other cases, companies with a weak social media existence even get wiped off search engines within no time.

The content you share on any social platform must be free from any kind of grammatical mistakes. You can use prepostseo tools to establish quality in your content.

  • A good presence on social media is a lot more than having a simple Facebook account. To survive competition and get an edge over your competitors, you need to go beyond just having and maintaining a Facebook page.
  • Some users are simply not interested in reading the text. All they are interested in are the product pictures.
  • People who are interested in viewing product pictures and not descriptions would obviously prefer Instagram over Facebook. This is because, as a social media platform sharing pictures, Instagram is more popular than Facebook. Same is the case with YouTube.
  • If you are buying a gadget, you would want to see how it runs and what commands have to be given. This purpose can only be served if a clear video is watched. If you have a similar requirement, you would obviously view the YouTube account of a company.

To meet diverse requirements that customers have these days, simply staying active on Facebook actually does not deliver the good. Instead, you need to be active on all social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram. This would direct several people to your website.

Today, companies do not get a lot of traffic through simple search engine usage. People begin with social media and check and the presence of the company on Facebook, YouTube e.t.c.

Once they are satisfied with how successful the company is on these platforms, they visit the actual website. This is one of the key reasons why companies that are successful these days have an active presence on social media.

  1. Add a BLOG section to your website

Even today, a lot of websites do not have a blog section in working condition. This is one of the many reasons they fail to get success in terms of traffic count. Not having a blog is a big deficiency by all means.

One of the reasons is that today, visitors have become more conscious about the content on the website.

  • Through a blog, you can add interesting posts resulting in more traffic. People like to see what websites offer apart from simple promotional content. For instance, consider that you have a website selling plumbing devices.
  • Through a proper blog section, you can make the reader and add to his knowledge as well. For instance, a lot of people do not know about the common plumbing issues and their signs.
  • By adding related posts, you can increase the knowledge of the reader. This is actually a very helpful option.
  • Considering the example mentioned above. If a reader views a blog on plumbing problems and then witnesses that one of them is present in his house, he would purchase one of your products right away. This would obviously create a good impression of your company.
  • Having a blog lets you capture the interest of the visitor. It is an effective method to get more conversions and sales. If you think that you are not getting enough traffic on your website, it may be due to the absence of a quality blog.
  • Hence, if you do not have a proper blog, start one and publish fresh posts regularly. It is important to provide the reader with content that he wishes to read.
  1. Videos surely make the difference

It is a fact that the use of images is encouraged as they provide a visual picture of the product but videos are a lot more effective.

Today, if you look at successful companies having constant large traffic, they have regularly updated YouTube channels.

To retain the existing users and more at regular intervals, they regularly add videos related to their products and business strategies.

  • Having a YouTube channel with a good count of subscribers is obviously a healthy practice in terms of SEO ranks. Search engines rank websites that have an updated YouTube channel with videos.
  • These days, brands work with a modern marketing strategy. For instance, you can see brands even providing videos of how products are created, assembled and manufactured.
  • This actually helps customers build trust particularly in the case of edible products. When you are buying something to eat, you would want to know how it is being made. By going through a YouTube video; it would be much easier to grasp how the company works and products are developed.
  1. Infographics make the difference surely

 Do you know that a lot of people search for images directly? For instance, if someone wants to buy a pair of joggers, he would use the “search for images” option of Google to see what he wants to buy.

Considering this approach, websites that have images and other forms of infographics prove to be very successful. For instance, consider that your key product images present on the website are indexed on Google.

If someone searches directly for images, one of these images would be displayed on his screen. If the customer finds it good enough, he would click the link to your company website. This is a good option if you have infographics on your website.

On the other hand, if your website is nothing but simple text, it would be hard to get customers. It is important to understand that the buying behavior of people is changing.

Today, most people are more concerned about viewing the appearance of a product rather than going through the text.

  1. Simple filling forms to prevent impatience

Almost everyone who does online surfing and purchasing lacks patience. This is what most website owners do not consider. If someone likes one of your videos and visits your website, you should make sure that the visit turns into a mature conversion.

  • Some websites have lengthy registration procedures and customers have to fill forms that comprise several fields.
  • This is something that can force the customer to exit the page right that minute. Thus, the key point is that even if you have customer registration forms on your website, keep them simple and less time-consuming.
  • You should always keep in mind that potential customers are more interested in making purchases and not spend hours on filling forms.
  • The goal is to gather all the needed information in a simple and compact manner. If you have a lengthy form for which the customer has to spend long time spans, there is every chance that the customer would not spend a lot of time on your website.

In a nutshell

Traffic is as important for a website as oxygen is for humans. The concept is very simple. When you do not have people to buy your products and services, making a website would not pay off.

Thus, it is important to have proper skills to drive traffic.

  • Using key social media platforms is one way to get the needed results. A high percentage of buyers check the Facebook presence and YouTube videos of a product before buying it.
  • The interface of the website should be simple. For instance, avoid the use of lengthy forms.

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