Importance of Image and Media in Blogging

Importance of Image and Media in Blogging for Google SEO

Google is investing heavily in artificial intelligence and RankBrain will become the most important factor in SEO ranking scale. RankBrain is powered by deep machine learning. It gets its behavior modified with the environment and the lessons, it learns on the way with the gathered data.

The artificial intelligence along with Google Cloud machine learning services is going to change the SEO optimization process.

It will go along with RankBrain as it continues to gain confidence and power. This will affect the ranking scale.

Google is by far the best provider of search results than any other search engine, although, it has been constantly trying to improvise the access of its algorithm so that its site quality and the user experience remains on top.

The images and the media along with the content will rule the day.

However, intuitive navigation is going to become the order of the day in 2018.

The structure, interactive clues, menu position and the topics on the website can help the user find the way.

Importance of Content

Content is king

Google is conservative by nature, so, RankBrain will follow that way. The stress should be on quality content and that will let you build a strong brand.

Structured data allows search engines to read better and classify your content, so, construct small but rich quality paragraphs.

A blog should not be looked as just a plain text written on a page. It must be an eye-catching and readable article.

It should be a combination of text, images, and other various multi-media elements, depending on the blog’s requirements like videos, charts, slides, etc.

Each one speaks a thousand words. That makes your blog look more visually appealing also.

You must know your target audience that will help you find the keywords, related to the blog. Search engines look for keywords to rank your page.

The keywords are a critical part of SEO, so, you must go for data research that help you identify the targeted keywords and make an outline to form the strategy.

Importance of an Images and Video

Guest Post

Every blog must have attractive and relevant images to its context. The related images help the users understand your point of view about the message you want to give.

The images help you attract more traffic from search engines as well as social media sites.

This makes the blog look detailed, although the word count does not increase, for example, if you add a screenshot in your tutorial, it will certainly attract the reader and understand it in a much better way. image editor can help refine the images professionally.

Video is also a very important tool for reaching your audience and for many good reasons. Many persons do not want to go through all the lengthy text, but, they will certainly have a good look on a video, if available.

They will view it to get to the main information and may come over to read the text and that gives a very good user experience.

The social media channels, like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are quick to grab a good video and if it gets viral, then millions of people view it in a relatively very short time.

The video provider gets the greatest benefit as it costs him the least amount.

Audio content is another form of mass media that needs to be given its due importance. Sometimes, audio plays an important part, if the video reel of that event is not available at the eleventh hour.

It may have more effect if that happens to be an old timer. So, audio can have a long-lasting impact through the Internet.

The content optimization must accept voice search a major factor by implementing new keyword and content strategies. Bing will become a force to reckon with as it controls Cortana, Siri and Alexa.

Copyright Issue

You are free to pick up an image from anywhere, but make it sure that it must never violet the somebody’s copyright. Copyright is a legal protection provided to the creator of the original work.

This original work can be a literary work, movie, musical piece, image, video or anything else. Shutterstock is an image editor, video editor, image provider but always take permission regarding copyright issue.

Therefore, it is always better to try to make your own screenshot or image, wherever possible.

There are many tools available online with proper guidelines that will help you make the image for the blog.

You can check up with Unsplash or Pixabay for free images.

Resize the Image

The image must look attractive while looking at the blog. It must display in clearer terms whatever it wants to say.

That means it should neither be a small one nor large one. The large one will also take time to upload, so, it should be avoided. Here, again image editor will help.

Compress the Image

The image compression reduces the size (in byte) of a graphic file, but it never compromises with the quality of the image.

This also helps in reducing the uploading or downloading time of that graphic file.

There are several different formats available for image compression. The most common ones are the JPEG format and the GIF format.

The JPEG method is used for photographs, while the GIF format is used for other images. The PNG format is also being given preference on GIF format.

Google gives great importance to the site speed, so compression is a must operation.

Text on the Image

The image must have a line or two textual content that explains the image. can also help you edit the image.

Flickr is an image editor as well as a video editor. It is available on Google Play Store. It lets you access, upload, edit, organize and share your images and videos. It has a very large database.

SEO Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization and blog posts, using images and other forms of media can make a significant impact on the content quality.

Using multimedia platforms to inform and entertain people also can create a much better user experience while producing highly unique content that search engines like Google and Bing greatly prefer and favor.

A blog post with multimedia as well as a website with multimedia create a unique level of quality that will make them stand apart from competitors and improves their rankings.

They also stand a much greater chance of being shared on social media channels and going viral.


When high quality media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others show a lot of linking activity to a video produced and published on a website, Google and Bing will assess that site more highly and give it a better score and ranking on search engines.

So, the strong content and powerful image/video will rule the coming days.

Artificial Intelligence powered RankBrain and the powerful Virtual Assistant will play a major role.

The query formulation will be based on the user’s question and RankBrain will provide a high quality answer as per the situation.

Therefore, SEO specialists must learn to work with the situational requirement and the reach the knowledge depth of the user.

Akash Singh
Akash is the fountainhead of Google SEO Trends and founder of SEO Heros. An SEO Expert, a Wordpress Developer and a blogger by choice. His zeal to learn is remarkable (makes him sound like a walking SEO Encyclopedia).

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