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List Of 5 Hoteling Softwares

The pandemic is still not over and most of us are back to our workplaces. In this hustle and bustle, we still need to follow social distancing and other necessary protocols in our workplaces too.

This is leading to an increase in the usage of hoteling software. Traditional methods of tracking proper seating arrangements become difficult and hectic.

Moreover, chances of errors are also possible and undoubtedly it consumes a lot of time.

But for that, you need to know about what hoteling software is.

What is hoteling software?

With an increase in the production of goods and sales, we came across a huge decline in traditional ways of managing hotels and office rooms.

Just like when you arrive at your hotel, you see that everything is well organized and super fast.

That is because tracking which room is ready to use and which one is full or vacant, all of it is being tracked online.

Likewise, offices and workplaces nowadays prefer to use hoteling software where they easily figure out all the reserved desks, schedule conferences, track parking spaces, and equipment.

All of this is possible with a single touch on your screen.

This ensures maximum productivity, easy access to your office rooms, reduced manual work, and most importantly it saves much of your time.

Here we have created a list of hoteling softwares:


Deskflex is an online hoteling software that is widely used nowadays by many companies to manage social distancing and contact tracking.

It helps you to track space availability for your employee, making reservations, and modifying or canceling bookings.

●  It helps you point and click floor maps which aid you customize and schedule meetings, desk parking space equipment, etc.

●  Merge with MS Outlook or MS Exchange so that your reservations can be viewed in one place.

●  Room display touchscreen is a feature where you can manage your meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, training, and operating rooms.

●  Room scheduling where you can schedule workplaces or conference rooms

●  Workstation touchscreen where every individual can monitor a screen at a time

●  Flexcube displaces the availability of workstation just like traditional ways.

2- eMaint

eMaint CMMS or computerized maintenance management system deals with work orders, PM Schedules, and part inventory.

● It helps in the management of work through login or email accounts.

● Helps in scheduling and assigning work for greater grip on employees and maximum productivity.

● Tracks and manages spare parts, suppliers, and purchase orders.

● Visualization of floor plans, the site map on a single click on the screen.


BlueFolder is yet another fast-growing and versatile hoteling software to track orders, contacts, bills, maintenance, and assets online.

●  It helps in tracking orders to work completion with every detail including costing and custom.

●  Helps in assigning work and order to technicians and employees via non-traditional ways.

●  Helps in tracking equipment and assets before and after use pictures and user manuals.

●  Tracking all the work online with getting updated through powerful notifications.

4- Traction Guest

Traction Guest offers safety control and security of data.

It reduces workload and saves time by eliminating manual work.

●     Introduction of contactless screening of employees and visitors to eliminate present and future risks.

●     Tracking visitors check-in and check-out details including their requirements.

●     Ensuring seamless visitors experience and protecting employees, guests and manufacturing facilities.


Fiix claims to be a fool-proof and failure proof computerized maintenance management system.

●             It helps in tracking bookings and reservations online in an easy way.

●             Management of assets and equipment with tracking expenditure and delivery.

●             Managing meeting rooms and classrooms on a single go.

Provides easy and safe accessibility.

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