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How to Vet and Hire an SEO Agency

When you own a website or other online digital properties, whether it’s for a large corporation, or just as importantly, for a small business that is trying to expand and grow, it’s important that you have the proper SEO in place to help increase your online persona, and reputation.

Therefore, sometimes you won’t have the ability to do all this tedious work (anyone can do it, but it can be tedious) yourself, so you’ll end up wanting to hire an SEO agency (aka search engine optimization company).

In this guide, we’re going to give you some pointers on how to properly vet an SEO agency to see if they’re a valid candidate for you or not and whether or not they can provide quality work and results for the tasks you need to be completed.

Questions QuestionsQuestions!

Okay, so it seems like a little much, but you do want to ask as many questions as possible. You need to ask questions about SEO as much as possible and see if they can’t give you answers.

You don’t even have to hire them right away, but you can say I’ll think about it, and see if their answers can be backed up by a little bit of Google searches.

Also, you need to ask things like what practices they’ll use to increase your rankings on search engines like Google, ask if they do SEO on other search engines, as well as how long they’re going to expect the project to take.

Keep in mind that it can take up to 180 days for a business to even start earning rankings on Google, and even more importantly, you don’t want a rush job done so eventually, you’ll just be dominating the top results for various searches.

What Tactics Do They Use?

You want to find out the process they will take, and most importantly find out about the details in their SEO audit. If they can’t explain it clearly, then dumb it down for you if necessary, then you may not want to go with them, because they may have knowledge, but no experience in the SEO industry.

Otherwise, you may not get quality work.  Another thing you want to be sure of is that they don’t stray too far “black hat.”

In the current search engine optimization and digital marketing environment, you need to be as safe as possible.  Google will find you eventually otherwise and penalize your site.

What About Amazing Offers?

If a client says things such as “I’m Google Certified”, there is no such thing. Run away now! Also, you need to be aware of things like promises in too short of an amount of time.

Things like reputation building and repair and proper on-site and off-site SEO should take time, so it’s done right, and so you can see maximum gains from the agency’s work.

At the same time, you want to avoid things such as extremely low prices (If someone offers to do SEO for you for a couple hundred dollars aside from onsite SEO, you may want to steer clear, depending on whether they’re just starting out or not), as this is usually a true sign of a “too good to be true” offer, and unfortunately, they almost ALWAYS are too good to be true.

Usually, this is just someone or an agency trying to make a quick buck off of you.


Hiring the digital marketing or search engine optimization company or agency isn’t the hard part, it’s mainly the vetting that is the hardest. You want to be able to have reports regularly sent to you, as well as be able to see the company’s success over a period of time in order to provide long-term growth.

You also may want one that has experience in UX design to ensure that your site is up to par, as this is something that many search engines can also look for (how easy your site is to navigate).

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