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How can you hike up your Business by SEO?

Improving your website rankings is directly linked to the amount of traffic that we can draw to our website.

To generate a huge amount of traffic to our website it is necessary to optimize it by optimizing the content, keyword, and pictures in order to pop it up on the search engines ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to get your page or websites to be considered on the top of the searches when someone is looking for something regarding it.

In other words, we call it the phenomenon to get the right information and in a revert, we can increase the traffic on our websites or pages.

There are certain sets of algorithms involved in this to get it in the right way.

Google has certain rules and regulations or simple mathematics also which it uses to give ranking to websites which appears when someone searches related to that thing.

This is a never-ending war which is going between the search engines tactics and the company who is doing this.

Keywords play an important role in optimization so using right keywords has been proven the best way to divert traffic to your websites.

We can include keywords in the initial coding or in the content we have uploaded on our website.

Using the right keywords and managing the keyword density can be very helpful.

SEO is a technique of optimizing the website content to improve its ranking on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

This can be done by taking the assistance of various SEO companies. An SEO company can increase the visibility of your websites.

A search engine delivers its results on the basis of many things. First, the website or page that has to be ranked needs to be crawled, then indexing takes place.

After these two steps the processing is done and then the results are delivered.


Crawlers also called as Bots or Spiders examine the website to collect the information about the keywords, pictures, headings and the pages linked to it.

This process of discovering or scanning the pages is called crawling.

Crawlers scan new as well as old pages after a while to look for any changes. Domain names, backlinks, internal linking, XML sitemap, duplicate content, meta-tags are the things that should be kept into account for good ranking.


After crawling indexing takes place which is a method of downloading and understanding what the information is about.

A search engine lists the videos, images, and data available on a page.

It should be kept into account that alt text is necessary to be added to a page as Google can understand the text better than the images.


The data indexed is then being compared to the type of search request entered.

Redeeming the results (ranking):

When a particular search request is made on a search engine it tries to fechts the most appropriate answer on the basis of,

  • The location from where it has been searched
  • The language of the search
  • The type of device

If 2 persons, enquires about coffee cafe from two different locations say India and America the results will be different for them.

The significance of SEO for business:

In today’s world internet being the Master of Communication with its tremendously increasing pace is the best way to market your products and business.

Its significance can be seen because:

  • Search engines with gaining popularities have also been earning the faith of its users. People rather than physically searching for a thing simply add their doubts on the search engines for references. They abide by those results which saves their time and efforts.
  • When a user searches for a thing it is more obvious that he will hunt for the links that will display at the top of the search list rather than scrolling down for others. The search results at the top get more attention than those at the bottom of the list. To be a tough competition in the business it is always necessary to top the list.
  • Search engine optimization helps you to stand alone among all those who are doing the same business or selling the same products. This will increase the traffic onto your website and thereby attracting a greater number of buyers.
  • A website well marketed on google, yahoo and bling have greater chances to gain popularity through SMM as well. In this way, SEO directs the way to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Search engine optimization is the most economical way of marketing.

SEO improving the business graph:

The perpetual interests of the end users of any business have been grabbed significantly by the social networking sites.

To be a good businessman it is very important to find out the best way of marketing among the clients.

Since people of all ages spend most of their time on the Internet so it has been the most generous way to market.

It can be done by following ways.

Creating better brand awareness:

Keyword placement plays a key role in better crawling of a website by a search engine. A website being crawled more generates greater organic traffic.

This spreads a website enormously generating greater brand awareness.

Molding from potential visitors to actual customers:

Indulging a visitor to our webpage and making him a customer are relatable things.

We can render our services better if we a marketing them in a way that genuinely drags the attention of the actual users.

If a customer understands well about our products and services than only, he will be ready to own them.

Topping the rank list of search engine:

Making your self-visible will increase the traffic on your webpage and there will be greater chances of having an upper hand in the market.

Greater traffic increases the probability of more customers.

Making your brand interactive:

Marketing a brand or a product using search engines or social media gives an opportunity to the people to deliver their valuable suggestions and increases a sense of amenability.

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