Google Create Separate Mobile Index over Desktop in coming Months

separate mobile index

Google create a separate mobile index of search engine pages for mobile and desktop, a major change which will update in coming months. Now Google divided index for search engine into two parts, first, mobile search that’s rapidly updated mobile version and second is Desktop version that will not be updated as frequently.

This information was given by Google’s Gary IIIyes at PubCon in Las Vegas and again confirmed on Twitter following his keynote.

In this tweet, Lisa Baron writes: Google creating search engine pages mobile index, which will be its primary index and Desktop will be a secondary search engine index, less up to date.

Note: This is because, nowadays, most of the user in the whole world using mobile and use mobile search for any query, like buy a mobile, online shopping, shoes, T-Shirt and etc., everything is on mobile. So Google decided to give importance for the mobile index.

When it takes action and Google have a separate index for mobile, it creates an opportunity for Googlebot to strictly index the responsive/mobile version of a web page and index it accordingly. With this technique, Google delivers better mobile-optimized content to the user on mobile searches.

After this, having a mobile-optimized website is not the only solution for website holder. Speed also matter, because according to Google 53% users abandon the website if it is not open within 3 seconds.

How to Optimize Your Web page Speed?

Here, you can find the best way to optimize your website speed according to mobile Google. Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) is the technology that optimizes your web page, and speed up your page according to mobile search engine result. I recommend everyone to check time by time your website loading time using Google testing tool and keep speed time as low as possible.

Conclusion: If you have a Website or you are the owner of any website then you should have these bases covered before Google Separate mobile index. There is no time specified for separate will happen, but you should ready for changes.

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