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How to Get a Google Knowledge Panel for a Musician?

Getting a Google knowledge panel is an excellent way to increase your brand as a musician. Once you have applied for the Google knowledge panel, Google will ultimately decide whether you will get a knowledge panel or not. However, if you have significant and right content posted on authority sites, you can get a knowledge panel soon.

If you are a musician, posting content online related to your biography will improve the odds of getting a Google knowledge panel. To be more specific, Google’s knowledge panel is generated automatically from digital content such as website, artist bio, Wikipedia, press releases, and social media.

However, since Google keeps changing its terms and algorithm, so you will have to stay updated with the latest trends to know the current sources from which Google takes data for its knowledge graph. Below you will find several steps that you need to follow in order to increase your chances of getting a Google knowledge panel.

Create an Account on Google and Get an Official Artist Channel

This should go without saying that you need to create an account with Google to make your brand presence online. Once you have created an account with Google, you should use it to get an artist channel on YouTube.

Thus, getting a profile on YouTube for an artist can become the first step in getting a panel.

Use Image in Your Profile

In the next step, you will have to upload your image on Google profile and make sure that you use the same image in press releases, website, and other online properties until you get a panel.

Create an Artist Site

Furthermore, you will have to build a website related to your personal profile which will contain all basic details about you like name, nationality, your albums, your social media accounts etc. Here you can take the help of website builders like wordpress to build your site. Thus, you can post your content and images on your platform to keep it updated. You can use structured data in your website to help search engines understand your profile better. There are various wordpress plugins which can provide structured data format.

Build an Artist Wikidata and Wikipedia Page

Wikidata and Wikipedia are trusted sites through which Google assimilates its data.  These pages are free to create but they have certain guidelines which must be followed in order to create a new page on these websites. It is essential for you to remember that the information provided on Wikipedia should be unbiased and neutral; These sites can reject any content which they deem to be self-promoting or which lack credible sources.

Issue Press Releases

Buy press releases on big press release sites as Google trusts such sites. Getting regular press releases about your profile can assist Google to understand more about you which can ultimately lead towards automatic creation of your panel.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can get a Google Knowledge Panel soon. If you would like to read further on this topic, you can visit here.

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