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Best Free Music Sites – Copyright Free!

Are you an aspiring content creator? Inserting background music can add a little flair to your videos, films, games, or applications.

But, whether you plan on posting videos to your website or platforms like Youtube, you should make sure that you don’t get copyrighted music and only use royalty-free ones.

Why? Copyright-free music allows you some freedom to improve your content without spending time and effort on legalities and costs.

To help you in your search for music to use, here are the best sites to check out.

  1. Thematic

Thematic is a service that requires membership to gain access to a large music library of free songs from a wide range of musicians.

Basically, Thematic is a peer-to-peer music marketplace to promote up and coming musicians and match them with video creators, which at present is only limited to Instagram and Youtube only.

The company is committed to serving an equal value proposition to the video creator and the musician to monetize streams, downloads, merch purchases, and concert tickets.

Becoming a Thematic member would mean you can use music from many independent artists and other popular musicians.

But, using Thematic would require following a specific attribution link with a particular style so that there will be no problems with your videos

  1. Youtube Audio Library

As the largest video creating platform on the internet, Youtube wants the process of adding music and sound effects easier for its creators. You will be able to find numerous free audio tracks to use for your videos.

If you are on a tight budget, these freebies can be enough for your background music needs.

In this service, you can filter your options by genre, duration, instrument choice, mood, and attribution requirements. You might experience some difficulties to find some unique ones for your site, but these things are truly free so manage your expectations.

  1. WOWA

WOWA is a website where you can access tracks by using a Creative Commons license. Usually, the site carries about 20 audio tracks, more or less, and you can download each of them.

Creative Commons license means that you can use the audio for free, whether for personal use or commercial use.

You will also have the freedom to edit the tracks depending on your taste, and you are not required to post a credit to the composer and owner of the track.

WOWA also has new uploads every once in a while that you can get notification of if you subscribe to their newsletter.

  1. TeknoAXE

TeknoAXE is a Youtuber and musician that has been sharing their compositions for nine years now. They allow anyone who has a CC 4.0 license to download their music and use them for whatever purpose they want.

TeknoAXE features genres like EDM, Dubstep, Metal, Hard Rock, Orchestra, Soundtracks, and other forms of background music.

With this license, you are required to attribute the original link of TeknoAXE’s composition and declare if you have made some changes. No worries, this license still comes with access to a 1,500 song library that you can use for your content.

  1. AudioJungle

AudioJungle is a source of all the forms of royalty-free music you might need to enhance your quality content. There are options for instruments, vocals, heavy metal tracks, pop, sound effects, and music kilts.

You can download tracks for as low as USD1 one-time payment. You can also request some commissions through AudioJungle’s Envato Market where there are around 35,000 creatives that can help you with design, music, and codes that you need for your brand.

AudioJungle membership also comes with some stock footage, 3D assets, stock photography, and video effects that you can enjoy as monthly freebies.

  1. Pond5

Pond5 is one of the largest copyright-free music libraries on the planet. It hosts about 36 genres on about 500,000 tracks to help you use excellent music on your video projects.

This intense number of options can be overwhelming, but you cannot deny that this offering is impressive. Whatever your theme is, whether it is as intense as war or as mellow as meditation, you will definitely find a track that you will like.

You have the option to pay for a single track, buy some credit bundles, subscribe with a monthly plan, or go for a yearly plan. It can be a little pricier compared to other sites, but this is a trusted royalty-free site.

  1. Hooksounds

This fun-named site hosts a community of about 100,000 people all over the world that shares their love for royalty-free music. Their beautifully curated exclusive collection highlights the creation of many independent musicians and their own handpicked set of artists.

You can access these masterpieces through a Creative Commons license that allows you to download and use the audio tracks as many times as you wish. Like other sites, Hooksounds use a listing divided by genres.

For this site, you have a great range of options like a Basic Pro package that costs around $24 or a $580 Premier Broadcast license for radio or television use.

  1. Soundstripe

Soundstripe is considered as one of the best sources of royalty-free music. They promise to provide users with music production solutions, and this company can truly deliver.

But unlike buying specific tracks for your use, Soundstripe offers a subscription service for unlimited access to their music collection. Navigating the libraries of Soundstripe is very similar to how you would use Spotify.

You can use the site very easily, and the membership costs start at $135 per year.


The music industry and licensing legalities can be crazy to navigate. As a creator, you must know your rights as well as your responsibilities in the usage of music, so you won’t get caught up in all the legal trouble.

Generally, prefer to stay on the cautious side. If you feel unsure about the tunes that you will use, it is better to contact the artist themselves, just to be safe.

Every track uploaded on the internet comes with a licensing agreement, and it is a really good habit to double-check everything to protect your brand and your future.

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