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How to Build an Effective Local SEO strategy

Local SEO is required to increase the visibility of physical locations in SERP. It is essential for smaller businesses that operate in a region. Local SEO is quite different from National SEO.

While national SEO concentrates more on ranking in search results across a country, local SEO prioritizes SERPs ranking in a particular location. A ReviewTracker study in 2017 highlighted that more than 35% of searches have local intent.

Optimizing your local SEO, thus, will help you gain more traffic and exposure to your local clients. Today’s article on how to build an effective local SEO strategy will help you make a successful local SEO. Presuming you have a fair idea about the importance of SEO for business, let’s dive into the topic.

Tips to Develop an Effective Local SEO Strategy

1.   Open Google My Business Account

The most effective local SEO strategy starts with creating a Google My Business account. It is a free tool to manage your online presence. By optimizing your Google profile, you can rank higher on Google maps and searches. So, how to open a Google My Business account?

  • Visit Google My Business by logging in with your email ID.
  • List your business and verify your ownership.
  • Fill the required field.
  • Add your logo, working hours, website address, and other details.

2.   Get Reviews

Most people read reviews before purchasing a service. Getting reviews from your clients won’t only optimize your local SEO but build an excellent online reputation. BrightLocal’s Customer Review Survey states that more than 87% of consumers read online reviews in 2020 before reaching a local business.

You can ask your existing customers to visit your business on Google and write their reviews. Or, if you have their email address, you can mail them and ask them to review their experiences.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Don’t pay for reviews
  • The reviews should be honest
  • Don’t ask people to review if they are not your customers

3.   Optimize Your Site for Mobile

With the increase in smartphone users, website owners have seen a huge surge in their web trafficking. The traffic is now more from mobile users than desktop users. A survey on Perficient states that 58% of site visits in 2018 were from mobile devices.

Acquisio, in 2017 determined the percentage of local searches and found that 75% of these searches turn into in-search visits. That tells how important it is for you to optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly. It’ll help you to stand out in local SEO games.

4.   Create Content

Developing content and content strategy for local SEO is another effective local SEO tip. Quality content will attract people to your site and make you more visible. Write on local events or incidents that are of interest to the people of a specific location.

You can write blog posts, news, or about some events. You can also post videos featuring some interesting stuff. For example, if you run a bakery, you can create food-related content and post them on your site. The strategy will also help you rank on your local SERP.

5.   Local Link Buildings

Ranking on SERP is still very much dependent on using valuable keywords. Your keywords will be undoubtedly relevant to your local customers. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to search for keywords based on locations.

Here’s a small local SEO tip to include in your keywords use: try to use local region-specific landmarks in your post.

6.   Provide Enough Details

Another local SEO strategy is filling out every detail about your business. Most people try to do good research online before coming to your store. While filling out details on Google My Business, make sure you fill all the relevant fields and provide photographs.

Don’t forget to provide contact details and working hours, etc. A well-informed and well-maintained page will optimize your local SEO and bring more traffic.


Local SEO searches have grown since Google introduced it seven years ago. At present, 35% of searches have local intent. Most of us know that SEO changes quite fast. You can’t predict when Google introduces different and new features on their SERPs for local search.

But, these local SEO tips will undoubtedly help you develop an effective local SEO strategy. Now that you know how to build an effective local SEO strategy, you better start working on it.

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