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12 Economical Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog

As a blogger, everyone tries to find easy and budget-friendly techniques to drive traffic to their blog. Unlike business websites, the entire earning of blog totally depends on incurring traffic.

Nowadays, both paid, as well as organic ways of traffic generation are in trend, but the organic one is mostly steady.

As a new blogger, a person invests in buying a domain name, server, and designing of web pages according to the blog’s nature.

However, it is not enough because the main requirement of reaching worldwide audiences is marketing.

The digital marketing experts know which technique will suit best on a specific kind of blog or website. Also, they can suggest you with the best options that are highly cost-effective to drive traffic to your blog. For new bloggers, this is a very useful article to gain information.

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Budget-friendly strategies for blog marketing

When it comes to the budget-friendly marketing strategies, it means earning organic traffic. Some of these methods are for free of cost or consumes very less amount of budget. However, it requires a lot of continuous efforts in the right direction.

Below are some reliable strategies to drive traffic to your blog.

1) Social Networking      

A social network is a universal tool that helps to promote every level of business and even blogs too.

It works perfectly with both free and paid strategies.

You need to make a profile regarding your blog site and post its links on a regular basis. It is a bit difficult to gain followers to your social media page.

However, a little bit investment on buying paid followers can increase audiences. Just make sure that you are regularly updating all articles that are posted on the website.

Here are some key tactics of utilizing social media efficiently.

  • Always keep on sharing the content to engage the users.
  • Share other’s content of the relevant themes.
  • Always respond to the comments of visitors and that too in a positive way.
  • Use engaging visual content to entertain visitors.

2) Good Quality and Quantity of Content

Content is King and this phrase is applicable to every business size. If you are a blog owner, it is essential to have the best quality content meets all SEO requirements.

Also, the information must be useful enough to engage the visitors for a long time. The main aim of quality content is to reduce the bounce rate which is only possible if the content is meaningful.

Along with quality, the quantity also matters most. Long content includes more keywords that finally lead to better ranking.

Few ways listed below for creating high-quality content:

  • Create eye-catchy and strong headlines
  • Be original (never use content spinning tools)
  • Include relevant images, Infographics, podcasts and videos
  • Make your content simple and digestive
  • Use bullet points and short paragraphs
  • Add humor
  • Do great research

3) Email Marketing

Email marketing has now evolved with a new concept of providing free eBook. Prepare an attractive as well as useful e-book and offer it for free of cost.

In return of that online newsletter, you can ask the visitor to subscribe to membership by providing an email.

Prepare an attractive poster that pops up after a few seconds of opening the home page.

4) Organize Online Competition To Engage Visitors

Organizing an online competition is not a difficult task and it is also budgeting friendly.

A simple merchandise like coffee mugs, bottles or bags can attract visitors to spend maximum time on your website.

However, first of all, you need to gain an adequate number of regular visitors.

5) User-Friendly Web Pages

Do not use too many plugins in order to add more and more features. The blog site must have engaging and attractive content, but also needs to be simple enough for exploring.

Its loading time and responsiveness decide whether the visitor will stay for a long time or not.

6) Search Engine Optimisation

rank in various search engines

SEO or search engine optimization is the base of every digital marketing strategy. It is the most ethical and reliable way to divert online traffic towards your blog.

Only experts of SEO Services know the right techniques for convincing the search engine that your blog is more relevant than others regarding a targeted keyword.

Google algorithm always keeps on changing; thus an effective strategy of current time may not work efficiently in the future. Therefore, it is essential to hire professionals for this task.

7) Engaging video content

Marketing campaigning gets a boost if there are some interesting video graphics.

You can advertise your video content and place on the home page as auto popup so that every visitor spends at least 2-3 minutes in watching this.

If the content of the video is capable of engaging, your bounce rate will automatically decrease.

8) Interact with Visitors

There must be a customer feedback space below your every blog where readers can give their reviews.

However, it is essential to interact on a regular basis, answer the questions. It is a useful tool to create a long-term relationship with your regular audiences.

Read their issues and give free help with useful links. This also implies a good impression on new visitors who can consider your blog as a good source of gaining information.

9) Join discussion forums

communitiesDiscussion forums can give your blog enough exposure to become popular among the targeted audiences. Actively participate in the relevant discussions of your blog and specific articles.

Share the links of your impressive blogs at forums because it is a very useful tool to divert meaningful traffic.

10) Guest blogging

Guest post

Blogging as a guest is always helpful in gaining some new visitors towards your blog site.

Some bloggers allow guest posting of relevant articles according to their theme.

You just need to create attractive content and include the link of your blog. If the content is impressive, it will surely divert a large number of internet users towards your blog.

Benefits of guest posting:

  • Improves online authority
  • Brings backlinks
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Grab the attention of the readers of the blog you have provided a guest post
  • Improve writing and help in connecting with like-minded people of your industry

11) Utilize Hashtag

The hashtag is not a social media tool to gain followers and drive traffic to your blog; it is also helpful for bloggers to increase the online footprints.

Nowadays, all major social media platforms and forums allow hashtag feature. While promoting the link of your blog somewhere, also use hashtag of relevant key phrase.

12Use Question Answer Sites

Question answer sites such as Quora and Reddit can be a better place to promote your blog.

You won’t believe but many top influencers and bloggers are using these platforms and driving a massive amount of traffic to their site.

Joining these sites is very easy but it is clearly not just a place for dropping link. You have to be useful there.

Few things to consider after joining these sites and promoting your blog:

  • Be useful
  • Provide valuable and long answers
  • Don’t do self-promotion
  • Create a relationship having mutual benefits
  • Don’t do any kind of promotion for the very first month after joining
  • Provide answers only from your expertise

All the strategies mentioned above are almost free of cost or require a minimal amount. It is essential for a blogger to divert an adequate number of internet users towards his/ her content.

For attaining high traffic with less bounce rate that too in the budget, this article will surely help.

If it is not possible to implement all strategies with personal efforts, there is an option of choosing a professional.

Agencies like One Stop Media agency are always there to help with the best tools and strategies according to your blog’s requirement.

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