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Top 8 High Paying Digital Marketing Jobs

Ever considered doing a career in digital marketing???

If not, then you should…

Want to know why here’s why.

Within the past few years, digital marketing grew from just another way of marketing to the most important tool in business.

Let’s discuss what is digital marketing exactly?

You might have observed the paradigm shift from analog to digital within the last few years. The number of people using the internet increases every day.

Digital Marketing is considered as the best way to reach out to your targeted customers. To be precise, Marketing is divided into two types, traditional marketing, and digital marketing.

Traditional marketing is marketing using tools like newspaper, radio, tv, magazines, etc. Digital marketing is marketing using tools like search engine marketing, social media, blogging, video creation, email marketing, etc.

You might wonder, which marketing is better.

When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is cost-efficient, effective and allows you to measure monitor and analyze much better.

Digital marketing is better used these days. Through, a proper strategically planned effort will definitely bear fruits even if it’s traditional marketing.

Marketing isn’t just a conceptual thing, it involves values, etiquettes. How?? Marketing is done to attract people towards your product and show them how useful it is and not to prove how other products are worst.

Steve Jobs has said, “Marketing is about values, it’s not about how we are better than windows”

Why should you look for jobs in digital marketing?

With the increasing economy, there is a simultaneous increase in the demand for digital marketers who help generate awareness, increase traffic on the websites, influence sales etc.

So basically, if you see the current scenario, there is a constant hike in the number of job opportunities opening in the digital marketing sector.

Young graduates who want to make a career in digital marketing can opt for Msc in Marketing to further hone their skills in the same.

Take a look at these top 8 digital marketing jobs:

  1. Digital Project Management/PlanningAdaptability

This role includes planning the project right from the initial concept to its execution. Digital project managers supervise and control the implementation of various digital campaigns.

This can be a great job for you as you will be working on a variety of activities and will get the opportunity to showcase your talents from time to time.

Do you know that in the UK, a Senior Digital Planner earns £60,000 on an average? In the USA, the average salary for a Digital Project Manager is between $78,750-118,000.

  1. Content Strategist

bloggingContent of marketing should be attracting and not boring, so the job of Content Strategist is to chalk a strategy, measure and analyze its effects, target users, initiate and develop personas.

This job can provide you opportunities to show your creativity in different aspects. If you wish to bring in innovation and shape the strategy according to your imagination, this is the best job for you.

In America, a content strategist can earn as much as $81,250-$115,000.

 3. E-commerce Specialist

This is the job offered when the organization wants to target a large audience to make the brand more accessible.

E-commerce specializes in raising brand visibility. E-commerce specialist works along with sales and marketing teams. This right here is the advantage you can gain, the advantage to collaborate and communicate effectively.

E-commerce is basically about identifying the customer approach and hit where it causes more effectively. E-commerce Managers receive a salary up to £70,000 in UK and between $90,000-$126,000 in US.

  1. Digital Media Manager

strategiesDigital Media Managers are responsible for developing strategies for marketing campaigns. If you wish to be a Digital Media Manager, you should bear the right approach to spread awareness, consideration and adoption of the organization’s product.

You can help build a brand’s identity with the help of this job. In the US, a digital Traffic Manager’s salary can be between $63,000-$90,000.

  1. Brand Marketing

The name itself suggests the work responsibilities. Till now you must have had an idea of how important is it to maintain the status of the brand and to keep up with the pace.

Brand Marketing includes creating content in line with your brand goals. One thing you must possess for a career in Brand Marketing is the ability to analyze data resulting in branding opportunities. 

£40,000-£53,000 is an average salary for a Brand Manager in the UK. In the US it is $66,000-$98,000.

  1.   Social Media Expert/Specialist

Being undoubtedly a powerful tool, social media is widely used for digital marketing. Did you know that almost one-third of the total population uses one or the other kind of social networking platform.

Imagine the extent of audience you can target through social media. Following are the responsibilities of a Social Media Expert:

  • Maintaining the presence of companies on social networking sites.
  • Increasing exposure of companies.
  • Generating brand awareness.

The salary for a Social Media Expert is approximately $49,000 in US.

7. Influencer / Personal Brand

bufferDo you know that if you can influence an audience then you can also monetize it. Their are lots of marketers who worked on their profiles and become personal brands.

One of the best example of personal branding is Neil Patel. He has a great following on all social media channels. He is making good fortune by selling his tool and services to his audience.

8.  Email Marketing Specialist

With the help of certain Email Marketing Tools, you can easily adopt this job. If done properly, it can be more effective than social media marketing.

Customizing according to your convenience is a plus point in this kind of marketing.

Moreover, being cost-effective adds up to the list of advantages. So what will be your responsibilities as an Email Marketing Specialist??

  • Identify target audience
  • Grow email list
  • Proofreading emails and checking grammar.
  • Ensuring mobile-friendly templates

You might think, how good an Email Marketing Specialist can earn in this digital world. It can be as good as $61,000 in US See the demand??

Digital Marketing is not going to slow down anytime soon. It is really important for you to see the demand and results it produces.

There’s a great career awaiting your arrival once you recognize the benefits of digital marketing. If digital marketing is your calling, then you must go through some common interview questions that will help you set apart from the other candidates aspiring for the same job as this career is more challenging than it seems.

Vivid thinking, careful strategic planning is no piece of cake, at least not in the fast-growing world we are living in right now.

The above mentioned top 7 jobs are the highest paid jobs in digital marketing and the list grows longer every time. This could be a tailor-made job for you.

So hurry up and start your journey in the glorious world of digital marketing!!!

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