Business owners have a lot to learn from the competitors who have been standing ahead of them in the competition. The strategies that your competitors apply may be useful to you to propel business growth with more conversions.

Carefully take a look at the practices followed by your competitors and plan your conversion strategy according to the findings of the research.

Check out the websites that use the same keywords and long tail keywords. You should make use of a keyword research tool in order to check the keywords that have high ranking plus low competition in your niche.

Let’s discuss the top lessons you can learn from your competitors, about conversion.

  1. Customer reviews let you know why people prefer your competitor.

You can learn a lot about your competitor through the customer testimonials and reviews on their website. Product reviews are the first thing customers check whenever they want to buy something.

These reviews can inform you about the quality of the products that your competitors deal with. Looking into the reviews can help you improve your products or services. The only catch here is that the reviews have to be detailed and factually true.

Google star rating is not a reliable measure to determine every minute aspect of the competitor. Shopper approved is one such website where you can find reviews for most of the websites.

Keep in mind that you should always check both negative as well as positive reviews. This will allow you to know the areas where you can improve and give you marketing ideas too.

  1. You get to know the search engine ranking details through the backlinks.

SEO is one of the most important aspect of Internet marketing and plays a huge role in bringing conversions. How will someone buy from you if they cannot find you? Therefore, it is inevitable that your name gets displayed in SERPs. If you are a recently launched company with hardly any experience, it can get specifically difficult for you to bring your name on the first page in the Google search engine results.

You may be doing all the keyword research and everything you can, to enhance your search engine ranking but if you are on a shoestring budget and are unable to spend on Pay Per Click ads, it could get difficult to rank on the search engines.

Consequently, you should try to gain as many backlinks as you can. They work as word of mouth in the world of Internet marketing. Having a backlink is one way of showing Google that people on the web are talking about you.

If you are able to build a strong link profile, you are sure to get a higher ranking in SERPs. Have a look at your competitor’s link profile. You can use websites like Open Site Explorer, Monitor Back links, SEMrush or, Ahrefs.

You can check parameters like backlinks, indexed URLs, unique domains, citation flow, etc. through these websites.

Getting to know your competitor’s backlinks can tell you about the most popular content types and SEO trends along with the strategy they follow for content marketing.

  1. Their pricing structure throws light on their moneymaking policy.

It is not always necessary that you compete with the products or services of your competitors. You can even compete with the pricing structure.

It is commonly observed that businesses from the same industry employ different pricing to win the competition. You can have tiered pricing strategy if that’s what your competitors are doing.

The way your competitors charge their customers can inform you about their money-making policy. If you want to know the pricing details of your competitors, just go to GetApp and you will get to know everything that you need to.

Just mention the competitor’s name in the search bar and you will get the answers in the search results. According to this result, you can either have round pricing or psychological pricing.

  1. The social media platforms of your competitors enlighten you about their interaction with their followers and prospects.

Social media marketing enjoys the support of many marketers in the present times. If you want to build your customer base, leverage your social media presence. Go through the social media posts of your competitors and check out how they are interacting with their followers and customers.

Are they organizing any contests or giveaways to promote their products?

You can even look at their Instagram profile and see if they are posting any stories or live videos. Get ideas from all these strategies and get better conversions.

  1. Keep a track on the kind of content they write on their blog and their web pages to know their conversion techniques.

Gated content is a must if you want to convert your website visitors into leads. Without getting leads, there can be no conversions.

Go to the blog and resources page of your competitors and get an idea about what kind of content they are publishing, and which lead magnets are they using. This will enlighten you about the approach you may have to take for your content marketing.

You can even get an insight into the business practices followed by the competitors by looking at the “About Us” page on their website. Subscribe to their blog and set Google alerts so that you can be notified as soon as something new is posted on the competitor’s website.

  1. Web security plays a vital role.

In this era of technology, everyone is concerned about his or her web security so web security for your website is must nowadays. SSL Certificate being an essential aspect of a web security world helps website visitors to assure that they are browsing on safe site.

A small green padlock and HTTPS against website address is enough to gain assurance of visitors. As a business owner, if you are in the mood to step into the business world, then you cannot miss web security of your valuable customers.

Final Thoughts

If you want to stand out despite the intense competition, you ought to take inspiration from your competitors without plagiarising. Gather ideas and plan your strategy accordingly.

Once you get a hang of how your competitors are generating conversions and business ROI, you will be able to independently get conversions without relying on them. You can come up with new ideas and inspire your competitors to get inspired from you.


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