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7 Ways to Create Brand Awareness Online

We live in an Internet-driven world. If you are not online, you are falling behind. Not only do we expect our friends and families to be on the internet, but we also expect all businesses to operate online, as well.

As a result, it is of the utmost importance for business owners to pay attention to their online presence.

Unfortunately, the internet is so large and so saturated, it can be hard to make your voice heard.

Today, we are going to be outlining several effective ways you can approach creating awareness for your products and services. Buckle up, this is going to be a big discussion.

Creating Brand Awareness Online

We are long past the days when billboards and commercials drove customer interest. While you will still see businesses employing traditional marketing methods, trust us when we tell you that they are doing much more than that in order to get the word out.

If you are looking to build a business online, you are going to need to make sure that your goods and services are seen by the right people.

After all, if potential customers don’t see your goods and services, you are going to go out of business with a quickness.

To make your life easier while motivating your business, we’ve compiled seven simple ways to reach your potential audience by building your own online brand awareness.

1) SEO Marketing

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If you are going to be operating a business on the internet, the first thing you must understand and employ is SEO Marketing. SEO marketing is the lifeblood that keeps the internet alive.

Whenever you go to your favorite search engine and plug in a set of keywords, SEO marketing will lead you to your results.

What is SEO marketing?

Put simply, SEO marketing is all about using the right phrases and formatting in order to snare a higher search result ranking. Google is constantly altering its search algorithm, so it is important that you turn to a real SEO expert to handle your content.

SEO marketing teams like those at Joel House, for example, can provide updated SEO marketing to customers and businesses of all sizes.

Truthfully, this is the most important step to building your brand’s awareness.

2) Consistent Content


Let’s say that you open up several social media accounts in order to represent your brand. Obviously, the key to building an audience is to provide great content.

However, you must also provide consistent content. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your followers will leave you once they see you go dormant.

Now, we aren’t telling you to make a post every single day. Of course, you don’t want to bury your followers in content.

Yet, getting on a consistent schedule can only do good things for your products.

3) Social Media Engagement

Alright, so you have your business social media accounts opened. You’ve set up a schedule for content releases that you are going to stick to.

Is that all there is to it?

Well, you could stick to a simple stream of content before washing your hands of the services.

However, if you really want your brand to take off, you are going to have to engage with your audience.

If you aren’t comfortable reading and replying to your followers, consider hiring a social media intern to handle it for you. The more you engage and humanize your brand, the more people will be willing to follow you and stick up for you.

Look at what major companies are doing on platforms like Twitter.

4) Diversify Products

Let’s say that you’ve started an apparel brand. If your store only has a couple of shirts in it, you are going to run out of energy real quick.

In order to build your brand and spread your online awareness, you are going to have to diversify your products. Make sure that you have a steady stream of new products coming out.

Update your old goods and services. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you are providing something fresh and new for your new and old customers alike.

You don’t want to sell someone a shirt. You want to sell them a shirt today, a sweater tomorrow, and shorts six months from now.

5) Create a Street Team

Ten to fifteen years ago, street teams ruled the advertising world.

What is a street team?

A street team is a group of people who are passionate about your work and willing to chip in.

Now, your street team doesn’t donate your money, but they do give you some of their time. If you are opening a new streaming client for music, send out stickers to your street team so that they can plaster them all over their town.

If you don’t have a street team, ask friends and family members to stand in for you.

6) Social Media Partnership

Alright, we’re going back to social media, but for a good reason. One of the best ways to get your brand out and into the world is via a social media partnership.

Nowadays, you can pay influential social media personalities to advertise your products.

If you sell cookies, for example, consider hiring a prominent foodie YouTuber to give you a shout out during their next video.

You’ll be SHOCKED by how effective this technique is in gaining new followers and potential customers.

7) Market Research

Finally, you are going to have to assess your demographics every once in a while. You can use your social media platforms or even your domain host in order to look at your traffic analytics.

You’ll be able to find out what age and gender the majority of your followers are. These general details can help you to more properly target your followers with your marketing material.

For example, if you sold video game crafts, focusing on crafts for a trending game would likely be a good idea.

Creating a successful business can be hard. However, with the right tools by your side, you’ll be able to quickly develop your brand while building an online following.

Use our tips to guide you on your journey. With any luck, your brand will go viral!

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