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Top 10 benefits of Blogging on your Website!

Blogging is a mysterious and curious thing for many people since its first appearance in the internet concept. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of Blogging on your website.

It appears in late 1990, initially blogging was considered as a distinctive platform where different share their own ideas, thoughts, suggestions, feelings, and experience with their followers.

But nowadays blogging play a significant role and this platform is grown and now it is used by millions of people from individual to businessman.

Blogging has become an approach that today’s marketers can be used to convey their message to their target audience through blog content.

So there is a question arise how blogging is significant for businesses so that answer is:

A company blog can:

  • Improve Your Website’s SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Increase Traffic to Your Website via inbound links
  • Enforce Your Brand as an Expert in a Particular Field

Nowadays of business owner want to establish their business more successfully they will definitely approach blogging and content method.

Blogging increases your business and website search visibility, increase leads that converted into sales.

There are different blogging strategy that will be marketers used in today’s marketing process.  Also, all marketing strategies are beginning will blogging.

If you still not clear in this article will explain the importance of blogging for your business or

Top 10 benefits of blogging on your website!

1. Increases Search Engine Traffic

blogging increase traffic

Search engine ranking plays a very significant role when you run your website. Someone compares blogging as fishing. Which mean the more you look into the water the more you increase a chance to catch fish or fishes.

The same happens in blogging the more you add creative content in your website the more web pages of your website include in the indexed of the search engine.

This helps to increase your website traffic as well as enhance your website visibility in your search engine.

Remember adding any new page or content on your website is like a dropping hook into the water.

This will open the door to new opportunities for your business in the form of new customers.

Also when you more post blog, then you can easily target the required keywords and rank high in the search engine.

2. Humanizes your brand

happy face


Carefully design your blog content if you do not want to increase the bounce rate of your website.

Blogging on your website helps you to connect with your customers or it is a way to raise any concern and issue of your interest to your customers.

Also, it is a way to share and show what you and your dedicated employee are want to say and passionate about.

The blog post gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts, voice, and personality and establishing trust in the heart of customers and increase brand loyalty.

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3. Supports your social media initiatives

social media sites statsIf you want to establish a strong social media presence of your brand or business you will definitely need the high-quality, original, and creative content of your different social media platforms.

When you share someone else post on your social media website then it means you invite other people to acknowledge regarding their product and services as well as sharing content to help your business and your business lead increase.

When you share your blog post to any social media platforms in ultimately increase traffic on your official business website.

All this would be impossible until you create the high, original and relevant blog post.

Also, a blog provides content for email marketing and newsletters.

4. Builds authority in your industry

Listen to your Target Audiences

The blog is one of the best approaches to build your brand awareness or to become a master in your field.

As the blog is a suitable way to share your industry-specific information, thoughts, and advancement.

When you established authority in your niche market then ultimately you develop trust and popularity. Another advantage as it increases conversion rate and brings your brand to the next level.

5. Improves Conversion Rates

An engaging blog promotes the signal of your brand that your business is still alive, and well. It promotes waves of love and affections.

So with that condition, it is proved that if business or marketers does not update their blog constantly or do not give importance to the blog then they face the problem in the future.

High-quality blogs help to develop brand loyalty, which ultimately improves the conversion rate.

According to the Hub spot report ROI of any company increase more when they post their blog constantly further written in the report that blogging experience gives 13X times more ROI than the company that does not utilize blogging.

6. Helps generate inbound links


Having an internal/ inbound link on your website is considered as one of the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization.

If you do not have the blog then it would become more difficult for your business to grab an authoritative link to your business website.

When you add new content that acts as a source for other bloggers and media, you start to obviously collect inbound links from other authors, columnists, journalists, bloggers, and contributors to take reference and utilized it into their own articles.

These links are very important in terms of SEO perspective as well as to generate more traffic on your website.

7. Helps you rank for long-tail search queries

long-tail kwywords stats

A website that does not entertain their customer with the blog would struggle with a hard time at the time of search engine ranking.

Because when they do not use a blog then definitely they also not targeted long tail keywords that is effective for search engine queries.

For example, a business website high in the search ranking because they targeting business-specific keywords in their content.

It is a simple rule the more you add content on your website. Then there is more chance to rank high in the search engine.

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8. Increases leads

What is bounce rate

According to the study found that if your business has more pages on your website than there is a more chance to get the leads.

According to the report of Hub spot businesses who have 401-1000 web pages for blog posting they obtain 6x more leads than the businesses who have 51-100.

In other words the more you have web pages the more you get leads.

More content means guest post submission, quote request, email opt-ins, and directly generates more leads and sales.

9. Facilitates valuable discussion

Blogging offer business to vail two-way communication with their customers and prospects. Its feature to the visitors that they are free to give feedback on the blog post, comment, appreciate and even criticize.

Also blogging help you to read the mind of your visitors and customers who are commenting on your post and identify what they want, what they like.

This is a golden chance for them. You can use your blog to ask the question, give suggestions, and develop new insight regarding customers and many more.

10. Allows you to achieve ‘freshness’

Google love and appreciate when they see blogger added unique content on a constant basis. Rewarding sites in the eyes of Google has better visibility on the search engines.

Also add content according to the time, trends, relevant to the nearby event. This also improves search engine visibility regarding your business because people use the search engine to find the trend as well.

Another thing if you have more blog content then you add internal links there.

The internal link is also another feature that generates or increases the visibility of your brand on the search engine.

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Final Thoughts

Blogging is considered one of the distinctive features that makes your website unique from another website as well as you can take a competitive advantage.

If you deliver a creative, unique, content in which you share your thoughts, feeling then naturally your search traffic on your website enhance, gain customer trust, and increase leads and sales.

It is proof from the practice example that blogging is the best suited to all businesses either small or big.

If you want to share any other benefits of Blogging then comment below.

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