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best free blogging platform

Blogging is the way to connect with people and the whole world and share valuable thoughts and your knowledge with them. Every blogger expresses their passion and creates blog according to their hobbies. If your blog unique and knowledgeable than the people who so far from you, read your article and appreciate your work. Today, in this article I am sharing the best free blogging platform for Bloggers.

For a successful blogging, you just need to find the best platforms for your needs. You have to find the platform that is easy to use with customization tool and provide everything that your audience needs to interact with your blog. This selection can be decided that what your blog’s focus is and whether you plan to make money from the blog itself.

Below are popular blogging site lists that provide both free and paid services. That can help you when your blog turns into a big hit. These best free blogging platform for bloggers to make your dream true.

The WordPress has two version .Org and .com. The .Org version comes with many advanced features according to .com version. .Org has additional Customization tool for any blogger, these options work well for those who want to have complete control over the customization over their blog. As everybody knows WordPress platform is not easy for beginners but don’t worry here are many online options to learn about.

Every Blogger aware from the name of as this is the most popular platform on the internet. The platform is free and offers many additional services such as hosting, custom domain, integrating your blog with social media and comments and polls are available without installing any plug-in. The biggest issue with this version of WordPress is that the option of customization the theme, plug-in installation, HTML editing is not available.


Medium is also a popular platform for the blogger to post their thoughts with wide audience unlike some of the other blogging platform. Medium provides the site with customizable HTML and CSS for those with more advanced skills. You can publish your post on medium, Comment on another post, Embedding, Check traffic and views and this is the best platform for the beginners.


One more great platform for blogging that is best for the business. This platform provides many easy to use features including drag and drop option for those who don’t want to learn to code.  Weebly is the best place for blogging, web building.


If you are Beginners and want to make an easy blog then this is the best platform for you, because blogger is easy to use and create a post.  On this platform, the user can just add their content, add a photo and publish.


Tumblr is for everyone, this is the place for the younger audience. It is easy to use and the main part of Tumblr is focused on a community of bloggers and provides a variety of options for sharing and reblogging the content. But the negative point of Tumblr is that it does not focus on content, but photos and GIFs.

These are the best free blogging platform for bloggers. If you like the post so please share the post and comment on below comment box.


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