App Store optimization – Top Do’s and Don’ts

app store optimization

The world is in the palm of a common man these days, and the number of apps ruling on the list of the Mobile app store is nothing less than 4 million approximately. With these many numbers of applications dwelling on the app store we can well make out the amount of competition in the market.

Both the developers as well as the advertisers have to work a great deal to let their app dethrone all the other apps and shine brightly.

Thinking that the Mobile app store optimisation (ASO) will alone help us rank and the app will be downloaded by ‘n’ number of people is a total No! No! There are various other things that account for an app to rank and capture the market.

On this note, let us discuss some of the do’s and don’ts for an effective ASO while creating an application and before disseminating it to the common masses –

Do’s – Things that must be taken care


The first impression is the last impression. This phrase goes best with app store optimisation of an App that will be open to common public. A catchy and attractive window to your app is what the need of the hour is.

Do make a person immediately click on the download button; what we have to do is to get an appropriate title for your upcoming app. Both the content and the purpose should be solved with the mere name of the application.



We all know the value of SEO in a web content; ASO is like the twin brother of him. The usage of keywords in the title, as well as the content, will help you loads. A lack of keyword content will act as a huge decider as to on what position your created app stands and in the competitive market.

Icon of the APP 


A vibrant, well – designed, understandable and non-complex icon of the app is sure to attract the public, on the other hand, a difficult to understand and boring one will lose its highlight. We know how WhatsApp and Instagram have played with their icons, to rank such strategy always come in handy.

Make a few choices and then let the people around you tell you, which one goes better with your app.


For whom you are, creating the application is a must to know and later you should work according to the ideologies, though process and living standards of those people.

Who will use the app? What are their choices? What language do they know well? How is your app better than other competitions? What does it do for the users? Does it provide any advantage?

These all questions must be answered in an office meeting before you commence the work to create the application.

DON’TS – Mistakes can cost you your dream

No Mistakes in Visual Content

Your visual content should be precise, short yet explanatory and attractive, for these are some reasons that will make your app gain the position in the market.

A bad visual effect will simply turn off your clients and not want them to download the app. The title, icon and material should be well researched and appropriate.


Take swear my friends that you will not copy anything from your competitors. This line does not mean that you should start having a completely different ideology but a few changes and attractions here and there will do no harm.

IF plagiarising someone’s app then even your favourite app store optimisation would not help you and will drag you down on the scale of ranking at the app store.

Localisation is not equal to Language Translations

If this is what you are thinking lately, change your minds for this is not the reality. Yes, a local language will give the boost to your applications but this alone will not make your app rank on throne positions.

If you are localising an app it must contain other aspects of localising as well – like the calendar, time scale, country code, currency, data and facts etc. are also to be taken good care of.

Thorough knowledge of ASO is a must

One must have a thorough knowledge about if our app is designed in the most precise and correct manner on not. Hence, one must have a good hand on applications that check the ASO effect properly.

ASO tools like the Appfollow, Apptentive, App Annie, ASOdesk are a few of them that should be considered before we open our apps to the common public.

Measure your ASO KPI score, which will give you a clear picture of how your app would tend to perform on the App store.


A few do’s and don’ts have made way towards you, create a great application and present it to the world with complete optimisation. Compete with your competitors, do well and excel.


Akash Singh

Akash is fountainhead of Google SEO Trends. An SEO Expert, a WordPress Developer and a blogger by choice. His zeal to learn is remarkable (makes him sound like a walking SEO Encyclopedia).



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