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5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Using search engines to boost your company and bring your customers to you rather than your competitors has been a heavy practice for almost thirty years.

Since the first search engine was born in 1991, there’s been a need to use it to drive people to specific sites.  Although many may think that something this old has to have amazing tricks of the trade that have been practiced for endless years: most of the old tricks don’t work anymore.

You wouldn’t go onto AOL messenger to talk to a client in 2021; why use old technology and ideas to support your business?

Ignoring Mobile Traffic

Smartphones aren’t a new or unknown technology, yet so many sites and companies underutilize what they can do for mobile users.  Although over 85 percent of Americans have a smartphone, only 74 percent have a personal computer.

Instead of catering exclusively to PC users, you should format your site’s landing page so that it’s more accessible and legible for mobile.  This idea doesn’t mean that you have to simplify every inch of your website; ensure a functional and right looking mobile side.

Being Precious About Old Practices

The old ways to use SEO services and boost yourself up in the rankings aren’t viable anymore.  Companies like Google are pushing forward to get more ‘organic’ and ‘trustworthy’ sites to the front of their search results.

Unfortunately, this has come with mixed results, and many trustworthy companies are getting forgotten.  Keep up to date with what search engine companies are doing and how you can work it to your advantage.

Never Reviewing or Auditing Your Site

You may see that your site is working well, and the customer base has grown steadily: and you may think this means you don’t have to change anything.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing good that can come from leaving a site as-is for more than a year or two.

Set reminders to review your site and company as a whole every six months to a year.  This plan will give you the chance to check what’s working and what can change.


Focusing Solely On Text Formatting

When you’re formatting your site to look good for people who get to your landing page: don’t focus solely on the text.

Although the information about your company matters, and you must show your leads what they need to know: you also need to be sure that you make your site exciting and pleasing to the eye.

Simple and clean graphics, images that have to do with the subject matter, and more colors than just minimalist black and white can go a long way.

Ignoring Bad Reviews

A bad review is going to push your company’s site further down in search results.  Push back against this by working to resolve these reviews and hopefully have them changed.

You can’t make every customer happy, and you can’t give away your product or services for free, but you should work to make sure your business looks as trustworthy as it is.

Dharm Chauhan
Dharm Chauhan, Founder of Google SEO Trends Blog, experienced search, content and social marketer. Social Profile's Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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